Best Practices

Creative Success on TikTok: Actionable Insights From Top Digital Marketers

What’s Inside

“Don’t make ads, make TikToks” is one of the key building blocks for creative success on the platform. But with so many visual and audio elements that can impact ad performance, how do you know you’re running the right creative? Taking a look into the landmark study that VidMob conducted of nearly 1500 ads and 5.4B impressions over the course of 9 months, TikTok’s Head of Ecosystem Partnerships, Melissa Yang and VidMob’s EVP of Global Client Solutions, Jill Gray, dig into the importance of native-first content and optimizing the consumer experience on TikTok. Delve into the Intelligent Creative Playbook and learn how visual details like audio selection, CTA timing, and key visuals can influence ad conversion performance.

Walk away from this webinar with a better understanding of:

  • Creative tips and considerations for advertising on TikTok
    How data can be integrated into the creative process
    Why native-feeling content is essential for success on TikTok and what this means for marketers