Data-Informed Creative for Snap Ads: eMarketer Webinar

What’s Inside

Creative is the No. 1 driver of all campaign success, but how do brand marketers know if their Snap Ads are effective? Evaluating the campaign’s visual data is a good place to start. Key visuals like frequency of scene changes, call-to-action word choice, and other creative elements can influence overall ad performance. Snap Ads with people, for example, saw a 45% lift in video view rate (VVR), while those with a close up of a person yielded a 120% lift in VVR, according to a VidMob and Snap report that analyzed 11,000 retail brand ads.

Tune in as VidMob’s Alex Collmer and Snap’s Tom Bates share insights from the Intelligent Creative playbook and discuss what’s working well on Snap. Join this webinar and learn:

  • How to integrate data from key visuals into the creative process
  • What kind of first-party data to use to make “measurably better” ads
  • Creative tips and best practices for retail and ecommerce brands using Snap Ads

Alex Collmer


Tom Bates


Marissa Coslov