Get in the Game: Creative Insights for Gaming Marketers during COVID-19

What’s Inside

Google and VidMob teamed up to co-host a webinar for app and gaming marketers looking to improve ad performance in today’s ever-changing environment. In the time of COVID, it’s increasingly important to revisit and test brand best practices by using creative data to maximize campaign performance. Understanding the current state of gaming and global gaming insights can help brands navigate COVID trends and make data-informed creative decisions. In this 45-minute webinar, you will hear from Lee Waynik, Partner Development Manager at Google, and Sarah Graham, Research Strategist at VidMob about:

  • New challenges and gaming trends, plus how to act on this data
  • Consumer reactions to COVID-19
  • 5 creative considerations for your next Google Apps campaign

The creative insights shared in this webinar come from an analysis of more than 3500 gaming ads that ran through early 2020.

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