How Big Fig Mattress made a big figure increase in Conversion Rates on YouTube using creative data


Big Fig Mattress is an original mattress designed to fit the needs of a bigger figure. The brand wanted to create new assets to promote their mattress and its value proposition to drive stronger Conversion Rates on YouTube. Big Fig Mattress needed a partner who could help produce new creative while facing the restrictions of shooting new content due to COVID-19.



Big Fig used VidMob, a YouTube Ads creative partner, to analyze the performance of the brand’s past creative on YouTube. VidMob’s all-in-one platform leveraged AI-powered insights to determine which creative elements in the ads were driving Big Fig’s KPIs and used the data to inform the production of new, data-driven assets that followed YouTube best practices.

Creative Decisions

The creator used existing video and static assets from Big Fig and added a variety of product and model shots to bring the ads to life, while also incorporating the creative insights and YouTube best practices.

Expert Creative Production

VidMob’s platform tapped into its network of expert creators to match Big Fig to the right creator with YouTube expertise to produce 4 new video assets for YouTube.


Performance Results

Compared to the previous brand average, VidMob’s data-informed assets led to: