The NFL’s Playbook for Intelligent Creative

What’s Inside

Advertising creative affects your campaign results more than any other marketing lever. Google pegs creative’s impact at 70% and the brands winning today are those that embrace technology to measure and optimize creative effectiveness. Using creative data, brands can measure effectiveness by understanding how every creative element that is seen and heard in ads are resonating. The question is no longer, “are my ads working?”, it is “why are my ads working (or not)”?

The NFL’s VP of Marketing Strategy, Performance & Technology, Josh Rabenovets, joins VidMob founder and CEO Alex Collmer to share how the league and teams are using AI-powered creative analytics to improve business outcomes and accelerate marketing transformation.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What new tools and techniques exist to measure and improve creative performance
  • Where data fits in the creative process
  • How the NFL is building their intelligent creative playbook