Toddy Generates 27.9% Lift in 3 Second View Rates with Insights-driven Creative Optimizations

The Challenge

To show the diversity of the Brazilian powdered drink mix, Toddy, PepsiCo’s Tentaê campaign featured video ads showcasing a variety of unique recipes, generating a brand lift record on FB and inspiring Toddy to explore the creative drivers behind the campaign’s success.




Facebook, Instagram, Twitter


Increase 3-second view through


Toddy partnered with VidMob to analyze their past creative. Key findings revealed:

  1. Recipe ads with messaging centered around ‘trying something new’ yielded the strongest 3 Second View Through
  2. Showing product shots early in Feed led to stronger audience retention
  3. Visuals of the Cow mascot drove higher views
  4. Beginning with imagery related to confectionary and breakfast foods increased performance for Feed, while positive human sentiment most influenced Stories

Optimize & Create

VidMob leveraged the insights to create 3 new video concepts from Toddy’s original, high-performing videos in just 48 hours:

  1. Utilized split screens showcasing all 4 recipes with the copy, “Try Something New”
  2. Featured a collage of multiple recipes vs. one in each ad
  3. Included visuals of product packaging and the Cow at the start
  4. Added a strong final CTA, “What would you use Toddy for?”


VidMob’s optimized assets outperformed the original Tentaê campaign results. The two recipe-focused concepts created by VidMob generated a 27.9% lift in 3 Second View Throughs vs. the overall account average for In-Feed and Stories placements in the original Tentaê videos.