3 Important Amazon Innovations for Advertising

By : Steph Garofoli


The continued digital shopping surge is giving way to an exciting opportunity for marketers and advertisers to engage across a budding network of platforms, as well as glean more detailed insights to help refine and enhance creative brand assets. ​​

VidMob is helping Amazon advertisers connect the dots between creative and performance.

Watch our recent Pop In conversation with Susan Posner of Amazon Advertising to learn more about our partnership.

VidMob is enabling your initiatives through these innovations:

1. Performance advertising effectiveness has streamlined:

VidMob is helping advertisers understand the creative performance of ads in two ways: Amazon Attribution (BETA) is an advertising and analytics measurement solution that provides insight into how non-Amazon marketing channels across search, social, video, display, and email impact shopping activity and sales performance on Amazon.

With the integration of VidMob, you also can see how creative performance is impacting CTR, conversion, and sales on Amazon. This offers a clearer understanding of creative performance of ads on Amazon through Amazon Advertising + VidMob Creative Analytics Integration.

This integration gives you the ability to analyze, measure, and optimize creatives for Amazon ad products within the VidMob platform.

2. Access to new sources of valuable data:

As an advertiser, connecting your Amazon account unlocks a new data set that makes your VidMob creative analytics more valuable. VidMob clients running campaigns on Amazon Advertising are currently doing so with no information on how their creative is impacting their performance on that platform. Once they are able to connect, those clients will instantly have access to huge amounts of performance data they have previously not been able to use to inform future campaigns or creative production.

With an improved understanding of how creative is performing on and off Amazon, brands can drive better conversions and sales on their Amazon stores.

3. Ability to enhance creative with improved performance insights:

Through an integration with Amazon’s Creative Asset Library API, we can measure creative effectiveness across all Amazon ad products. You can glean insights about what specifically in creative is driving or hindering performance. The support we offer extends to optimization through production capabilities, so brands can learn, make meaningful decisions about those learnings, and act upon insights to improve creative quickly.

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