3 New Opportunities to Drive Business with Innovations in Intelligent Creative

By : Bethany Gostanian


Over the years, we’ve been focused on solving for the unique and ever-evolving challenges of today’s marketers by continuing to build new and powerful experiences within our Intelligent Creative platform. And we get excited about sharing that work from our teams here at VidMob. 

To me, as we mark the moment of celebrating our Series D financing announcement, I can’t help but feel that it represents a strong endorsement of our company’s commitment to transforming how brands and marketers can drive better results from creative using intelligence. 

Our focus has always been empowering teams to leverage productivity and creativity to drive marketing performance, as well as on staying ahead of the latest trends behind ad formats, media types, platforms, and more. We’re on a mission to help marketers efficiently and effectively leverage creative to drive meaningful, measurable impact — no matter how you work.

In short, we’re investing in the future: your future! So to that end, below is a snapshot of some of the many new experiences and features we’ve recently made available in our Intelligent Creative platform. 

Creative performance insights for every marketer — not just analysts
If knowledge is power, then the more every creative stakeholder knows, the more powerful and impactful that creative becomes. Our philosophy at VidMob is that creative data and performance insights should be shared freely across a wide range of people within the marketing organization — from creative and brand to performance and demand teams, even your contractor and/or agency stakeholders. 

We believe that when you can access the power of knowing which creative decisions work and why, everyone on your team benefits. Because the more your teams know about what does (and doesn’t) drive performance, the easier it is for them to identify new opportunities to to work better and smarter together.  

Which is why we’ve worked hard over the past few months to make it even easier for your teams to access and incorporate creative data and performance insights — including the normative platform and industry insights we’ve collected from over 15 trillion impressions to date —into every piece of ad creative you produce. 

With the release of our Insights Library, your entire marketing team and every creative stakeholder can access performance insights to fuel future campaigns. Create, save, and share insights discovered in Creative Analytics or Creative Scoring to a centralized repository of your brand’s unique performance drivers — including any of VidMob’s at-the-ready, normative channel and industry insights. These insights can now also be added directly to a production project so you know they’re being incorporated into the new asset.

Additionally, we’ve reimagined the first tool we ever built for Creative Analytics – our Watch Dashboard– to quickly diagnose exactly what’s happening in your ad. Our most popular Creative Analytics feature for those looking to maximize the return on their ad spend, this dashboard gives you a truly robust analysis of creative’s impact on performance at the asset level across any KPI, objective, and ad placement. Now, you’ll finally can evaluate “the what” (what were the performance results) in order to answer “the why” (why did these creative decisions lead to those results) with even more context and in even more detail.  

In the spirit of sharing the wealth that is creative data, we also launched a brand new Executive Dashboard for Creative Scoring. Now you,  your CMOs and your centralized creative excellence teams have the bird’s eye view of best practice and mandatory adherence they’ve been waiting for. Track how well your company’s entire portfolio is stacking up against channel best practices over time and across multiple brands and markets.

And looking ahead, we’re planning to add suggested optimization opportunities right in the UI itself so marketers can more easily understand how to act on this information.

Together, these dashboards, in combination with our Insights Library, synthesize and surface your most relevant creative data points to make it simple and straightforward for anyone involved in creative development to identify what’s working, what’s not, and—most importantly—what you can do about it.

Work smarter, not harder.
The creative process is rife with enough friction. Our latest platform updates ensure you and your teams can eliminate unnecessary manual steps in order to seamlessly infuse intelligence into every step of the production process, from ideation to asset delivery. Because when teams can work smarter, their collective strengths are multiplied.

That’s why we’re working on up-leveling our Creative Studio experience to empower creative teams to easily incorporate performance insights upstream  directly into concepting and briefing. And pull insights directly from your shared library (see above) into creative briefs — or what we lovingly refer to as Smart Briefs.

And when it comes time to finalize an asset, we’re bringing intelligence into the creative QA process. Using AI to instantly flag when an asset does not meet specifications and channel requirements automates a tedious and manual process of ensuring ad creatives are set up for success. That’s time and money saved that you can invest right back into refocusing your creative teams on what they do best.

We’re Built for the Way You Work
Our platform was designed to be flexible and support the way you work. We’ve made it easy to leverage our technology to drive collaboration with the teams you work with every day, whether that’s your in-house teams, a design or performance agency, or a combination of them all.

Over the past few months, we’ve released the ability for you to customize your account teams and project teams. Invite any creative stakeholder to participate in production projects, from briefing to final out — be it creative talent you’ve hired or someone from our network of professional creative experts. Rest easy knowing the perfect person for the project is only a click away. 

 The reality is, the digital world, and the ways we engage our audiences, is only getting more complex. The good news is these changes usher in even more opportunities to delight and inspire through impactful creative. Complexity doesn’t mean that the job of a marketer has to get harder. At VidMob, we view complexity as a signal for opportunity. An opportunity to create the right technology to help marketers meet these new opportunities head on. That’s why we’re more excited than ever about the growth and the future of Intelligent Creative.

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