3 Themes from CES 2023

By : Kate Bryan


Some say, there’s no better way to kick off the new year than with CES. Filled with insights and innovation, we were lucky enough to be surrounded by it all last week in the heart of sin city. From coveted panels to new-in-tech hard and software, we made our way up and down the strip endlessly to see all the awesome event had to offer. 

While there’s a million things we could write about witnessing and experiencing, we want to highlight some of the top recurring themes we heard at a series of speaker sessions for marketing professionals.

Lean into Agility
We’re moving away from a world of overly polished photography and getting raw in reels. While there will always be a love of fine art on social media, the new wave is one that feels more “true to everyday” (eh hem, BeReal), some may say authentic and forgoes fine tuning. Brands and creators who adapt this agile mindset with an openness to try new things, fail and try again will be the ones who succeed. It’s okay if every activation isn’t massive or a home run, it’s about joining the conversation (not missing out on it all together) and seeing what sticks (even if temporarily).

Make Data your Superpower
Almost every marketer and creator is prioritizing more content. Knowing the ins and outs of the how and why that content is performing and resonating with your audience (or not) is going to put you ahead of your competition. Look for technology that compliments your strategy then let it up-level you to new heights. At every step of the funnel, measurement is not only possible but essential for backing decisions in a climate where each one is scrutinized. 

Preserve Trust or Lose your Audience
In any market but especially a downturn, it’s imperative we maintain and build on the existing relationships we have with our customers. At the end of the day, a human approach will always be well received. Consider this current economic state and clever, potentially even small ways, you can continue to foster the trust of your audience.

There’s so many exciting themes and trends we could go on about. From the continued rise of audio to the metaverse here to stay to the entire (largely untapped) world of creators. But we’ll save that for another blog post. 

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