5 Amazing Lisbon Attractions to Enjoy During Web Summit

By : Paul Carreo


Lisbon is a bright and very sunny city in this period. It’s autumn and he always comes with intense colors. We can say that Lisbon becomes an unfiltered city that asks to be photographed.

With the advancement of the technological environment and the profusion of startups that have started and achieved success there, Lisbon has become a hub for startups in Europe. It attracts young entrepreneurs from all over the world. On one hand, this movement is fantastic, on the other hand, the city has become expensive. Living in Lisbon has become an option for the few. Real estate is very expensive.

Avenida Liberdade is one of the most famous avenues in the city, it starts at Marques de Pombal Square where there is a huge monument in honor of the country’s historical character and a subway station with the same name. This square is within walking distance of the Dom Pedro Hotel and the Intercontinental.

November 1 is All Saints’ Day, a holiday in Portugal, be aware that some places may be closed. Imagine going to the Castelo de São Jorge and finding it closed? By the way, when you see the castle walls, know that they are not the original ones. They collapsed during the earthquake that hit the city in 1755 and were rebuilt closer to the castle than before. This happened on November 1st of that year and caused the collapse of the Royal Library, 35 churches, 55 palaces and a large number of the population lost their lives. A terrible tragedy. It was the Marques de Pombal who was responsible for rebuilding the city.

The Lisbon aqueduct, to everyone’s surprise, was not shaken by the earthquake. And today, in one of the rooms of this aqueduct there is an Enoteca called Chafariz do Vinho. You can buy wines by the glass, which allows you to try more than one type.

Lisbon has neighborhoods full of attractions, Belém is one you can see during the day, but Bairro Alto is where the joy never sleeps. Bars and restaurants are open all night long with lots of people in the narrow streets. There are wonderful restaurants and ordering “Amêijoas (clams) a Bulhão Pato” as a starter must not to be missed. Bacalhau (codfish) a Gomes de Sá” is a success that can be the main course. You don’t go hungry in Lisbon, the cuisine is varied.

A landmark of the Lisbon landscape is the 25 de Abril Bridge. The name is in honor of the date that celebrates the day of the Revolution that put an end to Salazar’s dictatorial regime. At the bottom of this bridge are the Docas de Santo Amaro. A delightful place with several restaurants by the river. But since a bridge connects two sides, it is on the other side of the bridge that are some restaurants whose view is a postcard. It is Lisbon’s skyline. 

Sometimes a meteorological phenomenon called St. Martin’s Summer occurs during the beginning of the month that makes the days warm. Since it is a phenomenon, it is not certain that it will happen. In that month it is normal for the temperature to reach 19°C during the day and drop to 11°C at night. This is the season of wine promotion. Any supermarket sells quality wines at absurdly low prices.

I love this city, I feel at home here and I would have much more to say, but everyone’s stay will be very short. Have a great trip!