5 New Insights to Improve Your Holiday Ad Calls to Action

By : Yashvi Gattani


It’s the most wonderful time of year! To help marketers set up holiday ad creative messaging for success, VidMob examined which calls-to-action (CTA) had the highest click through rates for retail and eCommerce brands. Here are our findings to help make your messaging merry to delight, inspire, and help shoppers buy.

What’s the Good Word?

For CTAs in the first two seconds of a video, we found “Buy” had the highest CTR compared to “Get,” “Shop,” “Swipe,” and “Save.” Using “Buy” increased CTR by 161% compared to the lowest-performing verb “Save.”


‘Tis the Season

Shoppers are eager for the sale season. As fall campaigns kick off, be sure to reference key seasonal moments. We found call-outs to “November,” “Friday,” and “Cyber” drove CTR by 209%, 198%, and 63% respectively, compared to the industry average.


Show off the Discount

What is the correct way to tease a sale? The traditional approach of stating “sale” lowered CTR performance by 19% versus the industry average. Shoppers are interested in the details of the sale. Using “special” savings and % “off” discounts increased click through rates by 97% and 30%, compared to the industry average.


Cash in on the Code

A shopping spree has turned into an online scavenger hunt for the best deal. Giving easy access to coupon codes by promoting “using” them in ad creative drove click rates 198% above the industry average. For an extra boost, including promotions or codes on “everything” in-store increased CTR by 14%.


Fresh on the Shelves

A burst of excitement hits when you know your favorite brand has some new items in-store. Marketers should recreate that joyful feeling by highlighting “new” products in ad creative. It’s proven to drive click rates by 31% over the industry average.


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