5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Creative Effectiveness Platform to Boost ROI

By : Jill Gray


5 Considerations when identifying the right AI-driven Creative Effectiveness tools:


  1. Choose a platform that gives the most robust access to performance data.  While many of the digital platforms will begin to make some effectiveness tools available, you will need a tool that works across the entire digital ecosystem.  From social to commerce to display to CTV, choose a partner that has the most possible API connections.   
  2. Make sure you are getting creative data that meets the needs of a marketer.  Off-the-shelf recognition tools can tell you tactical things like colors and object presence, but the real performance impact will come from custom models built specifically for marketers’ creative decision making on ads.  At VidMob, we have over built over 38 custom models to be able to recognize higher level creative decisions like pacing, emotional/functional benefits, and production level.  The better the creative data, the better the outcomes.  
  3. Identify an end-to-end solution you can grow into even if you’re only ready to start small.  We find that most marketers are ready to tackle creative effectiveness with tools that help manage compliance to industry best practice.  While this is a critical step for organizations with meaningful impact, there is a ceiling when you’re only using industry criteria as your guide.  The next step to significantly greater ROI is understanding each of your brands’ best practices – which creative decisions are truly resonating with your brand’s audience to drive the outcomes you need?  This next capability unlocks 2-3X the impact as industry best practices, so it’s critical to choose a tool that can take you to that next step.   
  4. Look for human feedback loops.  While AI is unlocking tremendous marketing upside, it has limitations.  The software solutions that integrate human feedback loops into their models will get to stronger and more reliable outcomes over time.  VidMob captures everything that our professional services team does, turning a data point into an insight into to a creative recommendation, and capturing every human input into a brief and every human creative decision into the creative process.  Our AI gets stronger with these loops, and helps tackle areas of nuance when it comes to things like creative subjectivity and diversity & inclusion.
  5. Ask for data security credentials.  The barriers to entry in this category are going way down – it doesn’t take much to marry a basic recognition tool to some digital media performance metrics.  Expect to see a ton of new companies popping up offering the same things.  For enterprise marketers, you’ll need to hold to a higher bar of security, so ask for things like SOC2 credentials.  

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the noise of Generative AI, but at the end of the day, a marketer just needs to remember that getting creative made faster and cheaper only gets you part way.  As US retail magnate John Wanamaker famously once said, Half my advertising spend is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.”  Thanks to AI, real implementable solutions to creative effectiveness are finally here, as long as you know what to look for.