Ads that Work on LinkedIn

By : Kate Bryan


We partnered with LinkedIn to create a custom “Cheat Sheet” around top creative video ads for marketers in 2022. In the process, analyzed more than 16K ads and 804M impressions from brands that rain paid ads on the B2B platform. Our findings moved through each stage of the funnel with a breakdown at the awareness, consideration and conversion levels. 

This insights report offers an industry agnostic view of our combined learnings while in future offers to come, you’ll have access to more industry-specific features including the likes of FinServ and Tech. 

Learnings Inside: 

  • Creative Type
    When it comes to the ads you run on LinkedIn, how do you determine which format to push? Understand with confidence which format consistently performs without fail.
  • Branding
    As a marketer or creative, you know the value of presenting your brand story. But do you have a rationale for when and how it shows up in this B2B space?
  • Messaging
    Every stage of the funnel has different implications for the way we communicate to our audience. Get the full scoop on what to say when and how those words drive engagement.
  • Visualizing Stats
    We all love a good stat. But do you know how much? We looked at the power of including numbers in your content and how it could give you a competitive edge.
  • Humanity
    Is there an emotional benefit to including a personal storyline in your video ads even in this B2B social world? We had a hunch and were pleasantly surprised at the results. 

Check out the Industry Agnostic LinkedIn Cheat Sheet for our latest ad video findings on the B2B social platform.