VidMob Gives x CDC Foundation: Amplifying Immunization Awareness

By : Burr Purnell


Image for immunization awareness month, featuring the logo of the CDC Foundation.

As we commemorate Immunization Awareness Month this August, we are reminded of the vital role that vaccination plays in protecting public health. Amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, VidMob Gives donated its services to create and analyze videos for the CDC Foundation. I wanted to thank the CDC Foundation for their incredible collaboration, restate the importance of corporate social responsibility and the power of collective action in promoting immunization awareness.


Empowering the CDC Foundation Through Effective Creative

VidMob Gives, the philanthropic arm of VidMob, recognized the urgent need for accurate and accessible information during the pandemic. Understanding the significant role that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC Foundation) plays in disseminating critical information, VidMob Gives offered to lend its expertise to quickly spread the word. We donated our video creation and analysis services to empower the CDC Foundation to effectively communicate vital public health messages related to COVID-19 and immunization.


Promoting Vaccination Awareness through Videos

Videos have emerged as one of the most impactful tools for conveying information in the digital age. In collaboration with the CDC Foundation, VidMob Gives helped produce engaging and informative videos that promoted vaccination awareness. These videos helped debunk vaccine myths and misinformation, addressed concerns, and encouraged individuals to vaccinate. Through compelling visuals and powerful storytelling, the campaign fostered a deeper understanding of the importance of immunization and its role in safeguarding lives.


Shared Value: A Win-Win Proposition

The concept of shared value lies at the heart of VidMob Gives. Shared value goes beyond traditional corporate social responsibility by creating initiatives that benefit both the company and society. In this case, VidMob Gives utilized its core strengths in video creation and analysis to support the CDC Foundation’s mission of amplifying the impact of immunization awareness efforts.

We had to work quickly as the pandemic presented unprecedented challenges, with misinformation and vaccine hesitancy spreading rapidly. As a reputed public health institution, the CDC Foundation ensured that reliable and accurate information would reach a wider audience. As a creative technology company, we did our part by delivering a compelling message for the right platforms. Together we strove to build trust, bolster efforts to combat the pandemic, and get to the recovery process as fast as possible.


Inspiring Others: Fostering a Culture of Giving

I’m hopeful this initiative highlights the power of collective action and demonstrates how companies can leverage their own resources and inherent expertise for social good. Companies can step up by contributing to causes that align with their capabilities and make a positive impact on society simply by fostering a culture of giving the way they know how.

As Immunization Awareness Month begins, let’s remember the remarkable contribution of the CDC Foundation during the COVID-19 pandemic. VidMob is especially thankful they were willing to embark on a shared value approach with VidMob Gives, a partnership relatively uncommon between the private sector and public health organizations. 

By creating and analyzing videos to promote vaccination awareness, we jointly played a role in combating vaccine misinformation and inspiring individuals to protect themselves and their communities through immunization. As we move forward, we’ll continue to support and encourage such initiatives, recognizing that together, we can build a healthier, more sustainable world for all.