Business as a Force for Good

By : Matt Liebergall


As we continue to champion VidMob’s Ukrainian creators in support of International Refugee Day, we are honored to introduce Aleksandr Kofanov, of Uni-Bit Studio

We’d like to thank all our artists for sharing their very personal pieces and stories with us to help bring attention to the growing Ukrainian refugee crisis and this senseless war. VidMob stands behind using our business as a force for good. We recognize our tremendous responsibility to create videos with meaningful impact. For VidMob, giving is not just a footnote. It’s at the core of our business model. Since the invasion of Ukraine started, VidMob Gives has also partnered with Medair, Direct Relief, UN Women USA, and Tikva to help raise funds and deliver much-needed aid to the people of Ukraine. 


Do you consider yourself an artist, if so, what is it that you create? Sure, our team has a lot of talented people who work with 2d / 3d art and animation, motion artists, UI/UX designers and developers who can recreate all  of art ideas.

What do you feel is the most rewarding part about being a creator? In our opinion the most rewarding part is happiness of the end user.

How have you used creativity during this challenging time? Creativity is only one way of our work, because we really like what we do and get pleasure from showing our ideas to people. Also our work helps our economy at this hard time.

What are your hopes as you look towards the next year? The end of terrible war, returning to a normal life in all aspects, and the most important is starting to recover all spheres [of life] which suffered during this time.

What are ways that outsiders can help the situation in the Ukraine?  A lot of outsiders already helped thousands of people from Ukraine. Our citizens and our society are very grateful for all of these people. We think everyone can contribute to what is happening now. Someone collects humanitarian aid for different spheres of life, someone gives work and shelter for refugees, someone shares news or asks “How are you?” All of this is already a huge piece of help. But we cannot require help from people or organizations, we only hope for understanding and kindness in the modern world.