Championing Creators on World Refugee Day

By : Matt Liebergall


As we continue to champion VidMob creators in support of World Refugee Day, we are honored to introduce Daria Huxley. 

If you missed our first featured creator, Anastasia Nevmerzhytska, of InContext Video, make sure to view their artwork and interview here

Thank you for helping us bring attention to the growing Ukrainian refugee crisis. To see how you can continue to support Ukraine, checkout Daria’s suggestions below. 

We asked Daria to create a piece of digital art that depicts how they have used creativity during this challenging time.

Below is what she created and a brief description of the art.

“Unbroken is a reflection of the Russian-Ukrainian war. A plate is a very simple object routinely used in most households every day. During the time of war the normality of life gets disrupted and a lot or people are forced to flee their homes from
the immediate danger. The tragedy is apparent, however the strength, courage and the
unbroken spirit of Ukrainian people inspire tremendous hope for a better future, where Ukraine
is free and thriving.”



Do you consider yourself an artist, if so, what is it that you create? I primarily use photography as my creative medium. I like to create series of images that tell a story, as was the case with this particular project. Sometimes I supplement them with short written pieces. 

What do you feel is the most rewarding part about being a creator? As I discovered for myself, art can be truly therapeutic during difficult times. It is about self expression, and sometimes you just can’t explain certain things you’re feeling or going through. Then you make art, and hopefully it becomes relatable to others, it evokes emotions and feelings and kind of gets a life of its own. I think it’s quite magical to make something and then watch it go on its own journey. 

How have you used creativity during this challenging time? I have created a series of photos called ‘Discreditation of Russian Army’ that has really helped me to deal with the trauma that this war has brought on. I could talk more about this project, but in short it is a reaction to the news that I was reading non-stop for the first couple of weeks of the war and the growing sense of desperation and helplessness that accompanied it. 

Overall I think if creativity is a part of your identity, you simply can’t just go around your day without getting new ideas. It’s like a pot that’s boiling and you simply must open the lid and get the contents! 

What are your hopes as you look towards the next year? I hope that this useless war ends as soon as possible so we could all start rebuilding what has been ruined because of it. I have hope for a better future for Ukraine and wish to see it free very soon. 

What are ways that outsiders can help the situation in the Ukraine? Staying informed and not jumping to conclusions is very important. I think we all need more empathy and patience towards each other right now. Here are some organizations that I personally donated to: