Data on Demand: VidMob’s Dashboard for Creative Studio Available in Beta

By : Katie Fagan


When we first set out to build Creative Studio we wanted to achieve two things: 1) Build a high-powered technology platform for our clients to quickly and effortlessly produce intelligent creative and 2) Provide a singular home base for clients to explore straightforward creative insights and immediately act on them. In continuation of that mission, we are excited to release the latest addition to our platform, the Dashboard for Creative Studio. By surfacing the most actionable insights from Creative Intelligence, you’ll get a constant stream of creative performance data that’s easy to digest and even easier to act on. Now that’s data on demand.

Because we believe in collaboration, we’re releasing the Dashboard to all of our subscription clients while it’s in beta. We invite you to try it out and let us know what you think, at no additional cost.

The Impact of the Dashboard

This is the first, big step towards synthesizing the power and breadth of VidMob’s creative analytics capabilities with insights that clients can apply to a new project in practically the same interaction. It’s a place where marketers can stay connected to every element of their creative performance from the high-level brand view to more focused campaign-level insights. Now every marketer can know the major creative drivers of their campaign performance, as well as how they compare to platform and industry norms simply by logging in.

Insights Provided by the Dashboard

Think of the Dashboard as a funnel view of your creative, beginning with broad, brand overview insights, and then moving deeper into specific insights at the account and campaign levels. In the Brand Overview, you’ll see high-level insights across the board, including cross-platform top creative elements that will enable you to identify what works well for your brand, regardless of platform or placement. The Account Overview section will compare accounts against one another, and will also enable you to identify performance norms of your various advertising activities. In the Dashboard Campaign Overview, we’ll provide a performance snapshot that will gut-check the health of your campaigns, including the overall Mobile Fitness Score of your creative efforts.

What’s Coming for the Dashboard

The beta launch of the Dashboard is only the beginning. As we work to design this new insights home for all of your creative and advertising efforts, we’re doing so with individualized advertisers and their unique goals in mind. We plan to add more widgets, highlighting other insights, and release customizable widgets that clients can add and remove to fit their needs. Here at VidMob, we aim to serve marketers and advertisers around the globe, helping them to achieve whatever goals they’ve set for themselves. Knowing that no two brands, audiences, and campaigns are exactly alike, we’re turning to you, our customers, to help us shape the future of the Dashboard and help us create something that serves you and your individual needs.

Build With Us

To learn more about the dashboard and help determine the path we take to continue serving your creative needs, get in touch with your dedicated VidMob team. Not a client but want to try the Dashboard? Reach out to find a package that works for you and get instant access to the Dashboard at no extra charge.