Enjoying the Journey

By : Brian Keller


We recently learned that VidMob was recognized as one of Inc.’s Best Workplaces in 2020. Our CEO, Alex Collmer, had this to say about the honor, “From the earliest days of VidMob, I will admit that the one type of award that I always sort of wished we would one day earn was to be recognized as one of the best places to work. Being included in Inc’s Best Workplaces of 2020 is incredibly fulfilling, and I’m so proud of all of the VidMob employees today that make it such a great culture to be a part of. Our superpower as a company has always been that we care about one another. This honor reflects that admiration and devotion we have towards each other.”

At the start of this journey, we set out to make VidMob the best job our people have ever had. It started with a simple decision to build a company that put its employees first in every decision and remaining committed to that ideal throughout. But this can mean different things to different people. Is it the company that gave me the best benefits? Is it the company where I saw the greatest amount of personal growth? Is it a company that pays competitively? In short, we’ve been trying to accomplish all those things for all our employees.


As a stakeholder-driven company, it’s important to take care of the people that drive success to all other stakeholders. The communities we serve, the investors that have put their faith in us, the clients who depend on our services, and the partners that we work with all rely on our employees working hard and being committed to doing great work.


Our list of benefits is extensive and we are constantly striving to increase the offering, but benefits alone aren’t the reason for our success in creating a strong culture. We believe the benefits we offer are the bare minimum a company should be offering to employees today.  Healthcare, at all times, but especially now, should be free, which is why we pay 100% of the medical, dental, and vision premiums for our employees. Similarly, we believe all employees should feel comfortable taking as many vacation days as they need. These are but a few of the benefits we offer but they represent the ethos of the founders and their desire to create a great work environment.


Our core values guide everything we do at VidMob. That guide starts with the Belief in ourselves and flows through the Work we do creating quality jobs, through the Vision of the future we want to build, on to the Challenge of taking the right path over the easy path, down to the Respect we must earn of our partners and colleagues, followed by the Growth of ourselves and our community, and finally to the Humility to know the opportunity before us and the responsibility to be a positive force for our entire community.


The thing about building a strong culture is that it feeds on itself. Candidates are attracted to companies that have great people. Our referral program has been one way we’ve been able to capitalize on this.  We also rely on a wide pool of employees to interview potential candidates.  We feel confident that anyone we put out there to represent our company will be a great spokesperson and amplify our values.


The #1 word employees used to describe the office environment is “fun.” We enjoy being around each other in an organic way. Our people find ways to make this the place they want to spend their time. Halloween parties, game nights, painting nights, randomly-selected office DJ’s are just a few ways our people have taken ownership of the office culture. Oddly enough, this has shown itself more so now during the COVID crisis. We’ve been able to support each other and be together through virtual happy hours and virtual Bingo. We all may be working from home, but our culture is as strong as ever.


We are proud of the company we’ve created, and we know there is more to do to ensure this is the best job our people will ever have. We are a few years into this journey, but we like where we’re headed.


If you think VidMob might be the right place for you, please visit our Careers Page.