Fueling Your FinServ Ads On LinkedIn

By : Kate Bryan


How do we reach the Financial Services industry in the vast social B2B network of LinkedIn? It was no small feat but a question we were hard pressed to find an answer to.

So we teamed up with the business-first platform themselves to analyze the Fin Serv industry and understand what kinds of ads perform best at each stage of the funnel from awareness to consideration to conversion. Check out our other reports for full access to the Technology vertical or look into our Agnostic analysis. 

What’s Inside: 

  • Video
    What type of media performs best at what part of the funnel? We did the digging so you don’t have to.
  • Look & Feel
    What emotions do your ads elicit from its aesthetics? From color to wardrobe, every detail matters.
  • Branding
    Do you know when to introduce yourself in an ad for the highest CTR?
  • Call to Action
    How and when you phrase your call to action will have a big effect on engagement.
  • Humanity
    Even in conversion-based ads, people crave seeing a mirror of themselves. Just look at the data. 

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