How Neon dramatically improved its cost of acquisition on TikTok

By : Guest


First published on the TikTok Brazil website


The goal: Increase and optimize the opening of accounts

Neon is one of Brazil’s leading fintech brands. Founded in 2016, Neon today has over 23 million clients. With a range of products and digital solutions designed to suit the Brazilian worker in a simple and fair way, Neon’s main products are debit and credit cards (no annuity), salary portability, loans for individuals and microentrepreneurs, investments, protection for assets and money, and much more. And at TikTok, the brand has arrived to make everyone know more about the services that the company has to offer.

Neon sought, with this partnership, to impact and attract even more people to the financial universe through its solutions and products, besides gaining consumers’ preference. And with an always-on marketing strategy running since mid-2022, always running ads to take its message further into the TikTok community, the result was already surfacing. But it could be improved.

The solution: Inviting creators to give it an authentic vibe

On TikTok, brands can create a stronger connection with customers and prospects. But to do this successfully, the way forward is to create native content. It is this type of content, which speaks the language of the community, that most helps to create this connection between companies and users. And do you know who understands all about creating videos like this? Yes, the TikTok creator community itself.

 Neon made an important change in their always-on campaign in order to strengthen the connection with consumers: they started to co-create. Instead of using conventional advertising videos, as it had been doing, the company started working with content creators to have in its ads a native language that would impact its target audience: the Brazilian worker. With help from VidMob, an official TikTok Marketing Partner, Neon selected creators to produce a new main video for its campaign and four short variations, which would be aired in parallel.


The content highlighted how Neon could be a light (pun intended) to illuminate financial life and make dreams come true. VidMob not only helped bring in the right creator but also gave Neon access to the platform to track the campaign’s creative effectiveness.



For its part, Neon used In-Feed Ads, which appear amid TikTok’s organic and authentic content on the ‘For You’ section, to reach the audience interested in finance and likely to open an account. The optimization of the ads was done by Media.Monks Brazil agency.

The results: More accounts opened, at a lower cost

The videos co-created by Neon and the creator helped reduce the cost of customer acquisition by 73%. In other words, the CAC became just over a quarter of what it was before.

And that’s not all. Total conversions increased threefold, while the conversion rate rose by no less than 278%. See how authentic and optimized content can bring spectacular results to your TikTok campaign?