Introducing Creative Intelligence for Organic Facebook & Instagram Posts

By : Katie Fagan


More than 1.73 billion people turn to Facebook and Instagram every day to connect with friends, family, and brands alike. It’s these organic moments that bring people together, despite today’s ongoing social distancing measures. In fact, when shelter-in-place began for most of the world in March, Facebook usage went up 11% compared to that same time last year. It’s a prime opportunity for brands to help people stay social and still feel close as they protect their communities from home.

On the flip side, however, brands responded to shelter-in-place by limiting advertising spend on Facebook, leaving organic to do more of the heavy lifting. Understanding which creative decisions drive performance on organic is more important now than ever before. Now is not the time to guess which stories make people care—brands need to know. This means marketers need better creative measurement tools. The stakes are too high to go on gut.

This is why we built Creative Studio: to measure the impact of what viewers see and produce creative powered by those insights. Our Creative Intelligence tool uses AI technology to identify every creative detail in your organic posts and crosses the data set with performance stats to tell you which visual elements move the needle and by how much. At a time when the average video is viewed for less than 3 seconds, every creative decision matters.

Until recently, Creative Intelligence was only available for creative assets promoted on paid marketing channels. We’re excited to announce that Creative Intelligence is now connected to Facebook and Instagram organic data, enabling you to dramatically improve the creative performance of your organic and boosted posts. Want to see what Creative Intelligence can do for you? Reach out to request a demo. And to learn a little more about the tool’s capabilities, keep reading.

Uncover Themes That Win Over Audiences Across Facebook and Instagram

Group posts by concept and analyze themes to see which ones resonate most with your audience. This capability allows you to compare posts with and without talent to see which works best for a variety of performance metrics. Need to compare posts with and without on-screen text? You can also do that to maximize the effectiveness of your call to action. And you can compare product demos to testimonials to see which works better for each audience segment.

Know Which Facebook and Instagram Posts Work Best

Learn your brand’s unique best practices on either platform by discovering the formats that are most effective for each creative concept. Nail down precisely which visuals or creative themes impact performance across Posts, Boosted Posts, and Albums*.

Identify Visuals That Impact View Duration

Computer vision and advanced machine-learning systems tag your creative frame-by-frame to see which elements generate attention—powering effective optimizations. The Watch Dashboard allows you to see when audiences stop watching and which visual element may be causing them to lose interest.

With these actionable insights, VidMob Creators can turn around new and improved content right away. As your creative gets smarter, your performance gets better.

To celebrate our expanded partnership with Facebook, we’re offering a one-month, free trial of Creative Intelligence. Get in touch to schedule a demo and learn how you can boost the creative effectiveness of your Facebook and Instagram organic content.

*Note: Facebook and Instagram organic data is treated separately in Creative Intelligence.

Uncover Themes That Win Over Audiences

Know Which Facebook and Instagram Posts Work Best

Identify Visuals That Impact View Duration