Johnnie Walker Blue Label reduces CPM by 68.8% with Vidmob’s AI

By : Paulo Almeida


Diageo, the world’s largest spirits manufacturer, has invested in AI to optimize its advertising budget. The campaign for the prestigious Johnnie Walker Blue Label, called “Deserves a Blue,” used this technology in videos for Instagram and Facebook. Vidmob’s exclusive platform analyzed, frame by frame, every creative element present in the videos published to Meta’s social networks, as well as the more than 39.5 million user impressions, such as reactions, comments and shares.

 While the classic scene of spirits such as whisky usually shows a golden liquid being poured over ice stones in the glass, the campaign by the award-winning agency AlmapBBDO – which handles the account in Brazil, inserted a blue fluid reinforcing the idea of the Blue Label. In addition to this important element, several other codes were observed by the AI as differentiating the campaign from its competitors. The platform meticulously analyzed elements such as colors, messages and even the composition of the scenes. One of the main insights was the recommendation to highlight the bottle rather than the liquid, which significantly increased engagement.

“We worked a lot on the look and feel of the golden liquid, the desire, the movement. With AI we were able to understand that the golden look of the liquid — that all whiskies have — was not as impactful as the color blue. Armed with these kinds of creative insights we were able to optimize several creative components in our ads. Most notably, when we replaced gold with blue liquid, performance improved,” explained Lindsay Stefani, Diageo’s Head of Media, Data, Growth and Brand Experience. Stefani presented the campaign experience alongside Miguel Caeiro, Vidmob’s Head of Latam, at the prestigious ProXXima event in São Paulo to an impressive audience of Brazil’s marketing ecosystem and advertising agencies. ”This type of intelligence is critical when trying to differentiate from competitors. We’re hooked,” Stefani concluded.

 Vidmob’s AI-powered platform generated insights which eliminated guesswork the creative team and boosted campaign performance, achieving the key metric: a reduction in CPM of an impressive 68.8%. The creative insights allowed for precise adjustments to the Johnnie Walker Blue Label creative, resulting in more resonant ads with the target audience. Another brand insight unearthed was that impactful, short messages, such as “Only one in 10,000 barrels can deliver the flavor of Blue Label,”proved to be more effective, especially in videos of up to 15 seconds.

 “This kind of precision and personalization is only possible thanks to the detailed and continuous analysis provided by Vidmob’s creative data. Major global brands that have already adopted this technology are at the forefront of advertising, able to adapt quickly to the ever-changing preferences of audiences and the market, to achieve superior results with new possibilities for innovation and experimentation,” explains Caeiro.

 Artificial intelligence is already an indispensable tool in marketers’ arsenal, “We achieved these results because we had partners in a triad involving Almap, Vidmob and my team at Diageo. In this process, creative data provided a shared language and guided us our decision-making,” concluded Stefani.

 By providing accurate and actionable creative data, Vidmob empowers marketers to make smarter and more effective creative and media decisions, and as a result, strengthens campaign results and the bottom line. The revolution is in full swing, and creative data is the key to unlocking the true potential of advertising campaigns in this new era of AI-driven marketing.