Jontex increases audience of campaign videos by 16 times with the use of AI

By : Paulo Almeida


The advertising maxim that “sex sells” is true for almost all sectors, especially in the adult sexual health industry. In 2022, the number of companies selling sexual accessories and wellness products hit a record high in Brazil, with an increase of 34.7% over the previous year. The condom market, however, has not kept pace with the sector.

The most recent Brazilian National Health Survey, carried out by the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics), showed that 60% of Brazilians had not used a condom in any sexual intercourse in the last 12 months. The study also showed that the percentage of teenagers who use condoms during sex has fallen from 72% in 2009 to 59% today.

To combat the practice of unprotected sex — and to increase condom sales — Reckitt’s premium condom brand, Jontex, invested in the sophistication of its products as well as the marketing strategies to promote them. One of the company’s recent bets was the application of Artificial Intelligence to increase the effectiveness of a premium condom campaign. The videos were published on Instagram and Facebook.

Using VidMob’s Artificial Intelligence platform, Jontex leveraged creative data to multiply the number of videos watched by 16, directly achieving the campaign’s main objective, which was to raise awareness of the brand’s premium range. But the gains from using the AI tool don’t stop there. The campaign’s CTR increased by 150%, scored a big win in that the number of people who, while watching the films, clicked on a link to find out more about the subject more than doubled.

The results were measured on VidMob’s AI Creative Data platform and compared the performance of the original Jontex ads to the pieces built by VidMob. With the help of AI, Jontex measured the effectiveness of ads with a precision they had never had before, allowing the company to assess the real return on marketing investments.

                    Original vs. VidMob asset

VidMob’s AI platform analyzes data on the creative aspects of an ad and the audience’s behavior while the piece is being shown on a social network. The tool scans videos, frame by frame, identifying each element that appears on screen: whether the piece has actors, sentiment, whether they are indoors or outdoors, the location of the logo, colors and contrasts, subject identification (objects, plants or animals in the scene), and all tagged at the exact moment they appear in the video.

This data is joined with performance metrics collected through APIs with VidMob’s digital ad platform partners. Performance metrics can include things like the total number of views of the video, how long each user of the network watched it, and how many people accessed a link that led to the brand’s sales site among many others.

For Jontex,  VidMob’s platform recommended that the original ads be updated on five main points: the actors should appear in the first second of the pieces; the effect of an explosion should be brought forward; the audio message, which appears in the first seconds of the films, should be reduced; the three products in the premium line should appear together; and finally, the ads should include a call to action (a link to more product information and purchase link).

Jontex’s ads from its first campaign were edited according to creative insights generated by VidMob’s AI platform. The results of the insights exceeded all expectations and showed that relatively simple changes can completely alter the performance of a campaign. Technology enabled Jontex to identify the what, when and where of each creative element of an ad should be in order to capture people’s attention.

VidMob, the creative data company, is transforming campaigns from the biggest global advertisers into real success stories, like this one from the Reckitt group.