Leverage AI to Make Ads More Effective

By : Victoria Dubinski


Vidmob Use AI to Improve Creative Effectiveness

Artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t a new concept, but it may seem somewhat unfamiliar to the marketing industry. With new platforms emerging and changing consumer preferences, it is becoming increasingly challenging for marketers to predict which ads will work for each audience. The good news is that AI and AI-powered solutions don’t have to be scary when used correctly. Instead, AI can augment a marketer’s job by automating time-consuming manual processes that will improve creative effectiveness and boost ROI on creative investments.


According to Marketing Week, over 50% of surveyed marketers are finding it more difficult to predict consumer preferences. As digital channels multiply and data privacy laws are updated, you can expect your ability to predict consumer preferences to decrease even more if you’re using vanity metrics of traditional marketing. Although most platforms have the ability to utilize insights to optimize ad placements, they aren’t able to tell you why something is working. Without the why, you’re stuck. 


AI provides marketers with the opportunity to translate an ad’s creative attributes into digestible data points, an option that was never before available within traditional marketing tactics. How? Let’s use the example of a video ad that’s performing badly and you don’t know why. AI can evaluate the ad in seconds to see that there’s a drop-off at the 12-second mark and that at that 12-second mark, there’s a sad puppy. Now, multiply that analysis across all your video assets and AI can show a data-driven insight that sad puppies are hurting your ad performance. Of course, you can manually write down what elements appear at each second mark in each creative and then create a regression model to determine what is causing lower performance and probably deduce that sad puppies are consistent in low-performing videos. But who has time for that? AI can “read” the creative elements in the video, analyze them, and come up with a conclusion faster than your UberEats order – giving you more time to eat that sandwich and work on more productive areas of your role. 


VidMob has written the guide on how to boost ROI on creative investments by leveraging AI in a smart manner. In the guide, Use AI to Improve Creative Effectiveness, learn how AI is impacting the way brands advertise and discover the benefits of AI that are helping brands succeed.


A few key takeaways:

  • AI provides marketers with the opportunity to evaluate thousands of ads in minutes and deduce their performance against desired KPIs. 
  • By analyzing and contextualizing this data, AI helps with quick and data-informed ad optimization, resulting in higher performance.
  • With AI, marketers can learn platform users’ preferences in real-time to identify their most probable customers and target highly specific audiences.

Read the guide to learn more about why AI is becoming increasingly important in digital advertising by helping marketing, creative, brand teams, and agencies to overcome digital advertising challenges by accelerating the learning curve for every digital ad platform their customers use.  AI provides a fact-based approach to strategizing and executing campaigns, which was previously guided by subjective input. By leveraging AI as part of your marketing strategy, you can ultimately  increase creative effectiveness and prove the impact of creative investments on the bottom line.

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