LinkedIn Now Connected to Creative Intelligence

By : Katie Fagan


On LinkedIn, there’s a great opportunity for brands to connect with professionals who are hungry for solutions and services to be more efficient at work and propel their careers. As a result, LinkedIn users tend to be receptive to long-form content. LinkedIn users want to learn.

The key to success as an advertiser on LinkedIn is creating content that offers high perceived value. But measuring perceived value is really hard to do. There is an abundance of data that tell you how much to invest in a campaign and where to place ads, but marketers have had to go on gut to make creative decisions. But, creative is the #1 driver of campaign performance. Consumers are bombarded with content and very quick to dismiss an ad they deem irrelevant. Every second counts so every detail matters.

This is why we built Creative Intelligence TM, to measure the impact of what viewers see. Creative Intelligence uses AI technology to identify every creative detail in an ad and crosses the data set with campaign performance stats to tell you which visual elements move the needle, and by how much. At a time when the average ad is viewed for less than 3 seconds, every creative decision matters.

And now that Creative Intelligence is connected to LinkedIn, you can dramatically improve the creative performance of your Promoted Video Ads. if you’d like to give it a try for free. First month’s on us.

Computer vision and advanced machine-learning systems tag your ads frame-by-frame to see which elements generate attention-powering effective in-flight optimizations. The Watch Dashboard allows you to see when audiences stop watching and which visual element may be causing them to lose interest.


Group similar ads by concept and analyze themes to see which ones resonate most with your target audience. You can compare ads with and without your celebrity spokesperson to see which one(s) work best for each campaign objective. You can compare ads with and without on-screen text to maximize the effectiveness of your call to action. You can compare product demo ads to testimonial ads to see which works better for each audience segment.


Learn your brand’s unique best practices by discovering the ad formats are most effective for each creative concept. Nail down precisely which visuals or creative themes impact performance across ad type or objective (placements and audience coming soon).


With these actionable insights, VidMob Creators can turn around improved ads immediately. As your creative gets smarter, your campaign performance gets better.

To celebrate our new partnership with LinkedIn, we’re offering a one-month, free trial of Creative Intelligence. Click here to learn how you can boost the creative effectiveness of your Promoted Video Ads.