What does the innovation award and partnership with LVMH Group mean to us

By : Alex Collmer


Earlier this year in June, VidMob won the prestigious LVMH Innovation Award for the Image & Media for Brand Desirability category, which was presented by LVMH’s very own CEO Bernard Arnault during the VivaTech event. The organization’s long-term view of brand stewardship has always impressed me, particularly their goal to have each of their maisons be even more desirable in 100 years than they are today. Now, our business has the unique opportunity to support this goal, as we connect with LVMH Group’s Maisons – as part of its Accelerator programme – to promote innovation and foster entrepreneurship in the luxury industry through the power of creative effectiveness. 


Pushing innovation through collaboration


The premise of the LVMH Accelerator programme is simple, yet effective: connect promising start-ups with innovative concepts to support the Group’s 75+ Maisons through collaboration. The initiative has gained global traction, with over 1300+ applications from 75 different countries only this year. To see VidMob win an award and be welcomed into the programme is surreal, and an immense moment of pride for the entire team.


These past few years have seen some of the most significant Artificial Intelligence (AI) advancements; innovation continues at pace as industry professionals worldwide work tirelessly to deliver cutting-edge solutions that answer emerging challenges. In such a driven and fast-paced digital ecosystem, having a competitive edge is key for brands to stand tall among competitors.


VidMob’s technology provides invaluable actionable insights based on granular analysis of past and current campaigns, supporting brands with enhancing their creative output – responsible for 70% of campaign performance – and ultimately improving ROI. The fact we’re partnered with a majority of the major media companies and platforms in the digital ecosystem puts us in an incredibly fortunate position to offer holistic action plans that tackle all fronts of advertising.


We’re now hoping to collaborate with the Maisons through a two-step process: 

  • Creative Analytics: Learning custom brand best practices that drive measurable performance gains against desired KPIs
  • Creative Scoring:  Ensuring that all global content adheres to the custom platform, brand and audience best practices established through analytics, thereby maintaining content excellence 


The result will be optimized creative execution and output, higher audience engagement, and, ultimately, increased ROI.


We’re already in discussions with a few globally renowned maisons in the LVMH portfolio. For one of these luxury maisons, our initial pilot studies across platforms such as TikTok and Youtube are generating promising results, with conversation rates as high as +188%, alongside increased view-through rates (VTR) at +16% for specific creatives. We have a few more upcoming partnerships in the works, that we hope are a sign of a promising year ahead. 


Creative effectiveness  has gained momentum across the industry in recent months, as more and more marketers are realizing that AI offers both the challenge of a flood of content, and the opportunity to bring previously unimaginable data systems to creative decisioning. . The global presence of LVMH Group has set the perfect stage for VidMob’s scalable solutions, made only sweeter by our shared vision that technology should be at the service of creative teams, not aiming to replace them. As our technology continues expanding, our approach to creative data and insights will continue supporting LVMH’s maisons as they progress on their 100 year journey towards perpetually increasing brand desirability.


Our track record is just the beginning


VidMob’s partnerships have been a big part of our success story thus far, and the results have enabled us to greatly accelerate our business. Winning this award and with facilitated access to LVMH Group’s incredibly impressive roster of maisons thanks to La Maison des startups LVMH, is a testament to the potential of our technology – the power of creative effectiveness – and another step that supports our mission, putting creative at the forefront of the industry.