Maintaining Creative Scoring Across Localized Products and Regionalized Markets

By : Alex Collmer


As the digital world expands and the physical world seemingly shrinks, creative scoring is more important than ever for scaling digital growth and efficiently building brand awareness. Maintaining creative scoring can be a challenge for organizations of all sizes, but increasingly so for large companies with regional audiences, localized products, and more. The more markets and products under an organization’s umbrella, the more contributors—employees, agencies, freelancers, and beyond—there are designing and distributing creative assets.

Why is creative scoring crucial for global brands? Simply put, creative scoring enables organizations to monitor and maintain the consistency, relevancy, and efficacy of their brand presence across every region, market, and digital touchpoint. Here’s why those three benchmarks are important, and how we built VidMob Creative Scoring to support them.

Maintain and Measure Consistency

Maintaining a consistent brand presence—one that aligns with the varied platform best practices—across the globe is no small feat. It involves much more than ensuring the right colors, logos, and products are shown. Applying creative scoring to maintain consistency requires brands to know how long videos should be on various platforms, if and when to feature human talent, when and how to display a brand logo, whether or not to feature text, and…the list goes on. To top it off, while best practices do exist for various industries, platforms, and audiences, there really is no one-size-fits-all list of answers to the aforementioned questions. Once you’ve determined your brand and platform best practices, VidMob Creative Scoring enables you to consistently track adherence to platform and brand best practices across all channels, so you know which creative is fit to run.

Stay Relevant

Relevancy builds upon your established consistency, helping ensure that your localized creative aligns with your brand best practices while also delivering messages that are appropriate for the platform(s) and audience location(s) of your campaign. Creative Scoring can help track and gut-check cultural nuances that may change how you approach advertising in different markets. When coupled with creative analytics, VidMob can help brands understand which creative levers in their ads are poorly attuned to the unique social norms and pop culture references across the globe—and then implement regionally-specific best practices in Creative Scoring to identify cultural nuances and enforce a regionalized best practice to increase your relevancy.

Improve Campaign Efficacy

Measurable creative scoring standards allow brands and the humans behind them to eliminate conflict between brand and performance goals by leveraging data to align stakeholders and drive campaign success. By pairing creative scoring knowledge with creative insights, you can identify top and bottom-performing best practice criteria, as well as uncover insights for new, optimized best practice criteria. These insights can fuel new criteria considerations by product, region, or even by season—because what’s the point of a best practice if it’s not impacting the KPIs you care most about? VidMob Creative Scoring enables marketers to implement and measure best practice effectiveness as a global organization and offers unique insights to create the most impactful best practices by brand, region, platform, and (coming soon!) objective.

Creative Scoring in Practice

Monitoring and maintaining consistency, relevancy, and efficacy across multiple markets, various platforms, and endless assets is a lot to keep up with. Just remember: brands that win digital don’t play by the rules, they make the rules. They leverage tools and technology that enable data-driven decision making, in turn making creative alignment a natural occurrence, rather than a challenge. For years, organizations around the globe have worked to maintain creative scoring, with varying success. But now that technology-based Creative Scoring capabilities make it possible to measure and value the practice, companies using it to make their own rules are thriving.

Take Diageo, one of the world’s largest producers of beer and liquor, with more than 200 brands being distributed in over 180 countries. The average consumer may not know just how many products sit under the Diageo umbrella, but their team works hard to maintain the consistency, relevancy, and efficacy as appropriate for each product and market. And, as the first official spirits sponsor of the NFL, they’ve laid the groundwork to continue expanding their market reach, all within the guidelines of creative scoring. As a beta tester of VidMob Creative Scoring, Diageo has found both success and value.

“This solution will transform the way our organization manages brand assets. Not only will we have the ability to monitor required brand elements at a global, omnichannel scale, we can immediately incorporate fixes and have insights into how ad performance is affected by brand mandatories.” Marco Frade, Head of Media, Digital & CRM at Diageo

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