My Time at VidMob

By : Matty de Castro


A good friend and colleague of mine, Rob, once said running a successful business is the combination of people, strategy and operations. Not news to anyone but an interesting thought exercise for me was: what order do each of these happen? Sure, it can shift based on needs of the business but I always liked the order in which Rob listed them. People first.

Over the last 18 years, I’ve been very fortunate throughout my career. I’ve met mentors and leaders and best of all, life long friends along the way. What I love most about VidMob is those friends have been around since day 1. People here are engaged, talented, mission-driven and kind. I feel lucky I get to learn across functions daily in a company that is creating a new category and changing marketing. 

Access, sponsorship and diversity are critical to business growth. At VidMob, all of these sit at the forefront, hugely in part because of our leadership. Even when considering all the hard tradeoffs of a growing tech company, no conversation is conducted without empathy. Through tough times, frustrating deadlines and kids coming down with Coronavirus, I have never felt so supported in my personal and professional growth. 

When I reflect on my experiences over the last year, I want to thank my team, my manager (Jason) our CEO (Alex) and my incredible colleagues who have become friends for a lifetime. It’s an honor to be a part of this community and build something valuable for clients, partners and friends. I go to bed every night with an enormous sense of gratitude. Thank you VidMob! LDTT (Let’s do this together)!