POSSIBLE Miami: the Power of Data-Driven Marketing, Creativity and Innovation

By : Matt Young


If you don’t know what POSSIBLE is, it’s the newest, hottest marketing and advertising conference in our industry calendar. Held in Miami this week, it offers incredible networking with the senior leaders in the marketing ecosystem. From an agenda standpoint, it showcased the industry’s hot topics with a stellar speaker lineup talking about the convergence of sustainability, inclusivity, and innovative marketing strategies. Most exciting to me, of course, was the focus on the immense value of data-driven decision-making. It was a great way to start my first week at Vidmob as Chief Revenue Officer, being able to meet with Vidmob clients, see colleagues and enjoy smart, in-depth discussions with industry leaders.

POSSIBLE investor and Vidmob Chairman, Mainardo de Nardis, was instrumental in orchestrating the event and his influence shone brightly, as could be seen with the alignment of technology and marketing prowess in the rooms. 

My key takeaways:

1. Uniting Marketing Strategy with Business Goals

While it may seem obvious, the necessity of intertwining marketing strategies tightly with business objectives was emphasized. The creative aspect of marketing was hailed as king, critical to captivating and engaging customers meaningfully.

2. Loyalty Programs and Full-Funnel Marketing

According to insights from EY, two-thirds of customers favor brands with robust loyalty programs, which are pivotal not only for customer retention but also for transforming customers into brand advocates. This full-funnel approach is essential for sustaining long-term customer relationships and was a recurring theme in discussions at POSSIBLE.

3. Brand Performance and Long-term Value

MMA Global’s ‘Brand as Performance’ initiative was frequently referenced, underscoring that a strong brand is fundamental to both immediate results and sustained performance. This initiative aligns seamlessly with Vidmob’s strategy, which integrates brand strength with performance metrics to maximize marketing ROI.

4. Social Ads and Consumer-Informed Campaigns

It was widely acknowledged that social advertisements are treasure troves of insights, which need to be effectively utilized to inform and optimize creative campaigns. Socially-informed campaigns, which are rooted in validated consumer interests, tend to perform better and resonate more with targeted audiences.

5. Retail Media Networks and Collaborative Loyalty

The importance of retail media networks in driving loyalty was highlighted, with an emphasis on making offers that enhance the shopping experience without creating friction. Effective collaboration between brands and retailers through data sharing can elevate loyalty to what was termed as ‘obsession’—a deep, enduring connection between customers and brands.

As the curtains close on an exhilarating week at POSSIBLE, I am energized about the future of marketing. This conference has not only provided a unique vantage point into the evolving dynamics of our industry but has also affirmed the strategic direction Vidmob is headed. 

With insights gleaned from thought leaders and experts, it’s clear that the path forward is one of continuous adaptation and engagement, fueled by AI and often by creative data. 

Looking ahead, the challenge for us is not just to adapt to these changes but to lead them. By embracing the lessons learned from POSSIBLE and continuing to innovate and inspire, we will not only meet the demands of the modern CMO but exceed them, creating lasting impacts that resonate across our industry and beyond.

Thank you to those I have met in the past few days for the warm welcome and invigorating discussions. Here’s to redefining the possible, together.