Reflecting on Black History Month

By : Kevin Pulliam


Black History Month happens every year, but this year feels particularly different. It’s been a trying time for various different reasons and has put many things into perspective for me. One,  I’m incredibly grateful for the many Black People who came before me. A list far too long to fit into a week, a month or a year. I reflect on the watering down of our history and all we have been through, policies being put into place in various spots around the U.S., where books have been outlawed that speak of the experiences of Black People. Yet, hope still shines through. 

The Black Lives Matter movement, before the hijacking for various political means, was something I didn’t think I would see in my lifetime. Things are changing and I hope they continue to. Because we all have a part to play. I have a part to play. That’s why I am grateful for this opportunity at VidMob. I’m excited for the opportunity to build something special. It won’t always be easy. We will need to challenge ourselves in ways that I think most companies can’t or are unwilling. But I believe in the people here. I truly think we can do it. I’m excited for the future we will build. 

Black History Month is a great time to celebrate diversity and promote Black voices in the workplace, but it doesn’t have to start and stop in February. Companies should focus on creating inclusive workplaces and diverse programming year-round. This can include promoting Employee Resource Groups to foster inclusivity or encouraging other employee-led programming that like book clubs or meetups centered around diversity issues. Wherever you start, be sure to keep people involved and encourage them that Black History is not something to be celebrated for a week, a month, a year, but every minute of every hour every day – all year round. 

We have already done so much and great things still lie ahead. Here’s to Black History.