Standing in Solidarity

By : Matt Liebergall


VidMob continues to stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and Russia who are in support of peace. As our CEO Alex Collmer shared, “VidMob is small…but with the right focus and care, we can have a big impact on at least a few people who need help right now.VidMob’s Creative Network includes diverse talent from all around the world, including Ukraine. VidMob champions diversity by background, lived experience, location and more. This might even include individuals forced to flee their homes or parents who need to remain in their war-torn country but still need to find ways to care for themselves and their families. VidMob’s platform democratizes freelance work, allowing creators to work with us whenever and wherever they are. 

To this end, we’re humbled and honored to highlight VidMob’s Ukrainian creators in support of International Refugee Day. Our goal is to help bring attention to the growing Ukrainian refugee crisis by commissioning and profiling VidMob creators who have been directly impacted.

Introducing the InContext Team — a group of artists who we partnered with to make a piece of digital art that depicted how they were using creativity during this challenging time.


About the Art 

This video is composed of the photos that our operator/photographer has made in Irpin and Gostomel – towns in Kyiv Oblast that have suffered the horrors of the Russian invasion, along with Bucha. There is destruction everywhere. But, the spring arrived on schedule, even if it felt as if it shouldn’t, and now the trees are blooming among burnt cars, and the butterflies are flying around ruined buildings. And it gives hope – that as nature is reborn, the cities will also be reborn as well. And that as after every winter should come the spring – after the war should come victory and peace. 


Do you consider yourself an artist, if so, what is it that you create? We are a production studio, and every one of us is an artist in our own way – animation, photography, filming. 

What do you feel is the most rewarding part about being a creator? Watching the ideas become real and concepts become visuals. 

How have you used creativity during this challenging time? We have filmed a series named Art.War about creators in times of war, and what they do now – some keep creating, some do volunteer work, some have joined the armed forces, some have been forced to leave their homes… We’ve been interviewing them in different cities of Ukraine to show how every story is unique. 

What are your hopes as you look towards the next year? It’s simple – the victory and end of all this horror. And the renaissance of Ukrainian culture and creativity. 

What are ways that outsiders can help the situation in Ukraine? Do not let this war become something mundane and usual. Remember that a lot of people are dying every day because of the Russian soldier’s violence and shellings, so Ukraine needs the world’s support in all the possible ways. And, of course, donations. The main fund is comebackalive. We have also started our own small volunteer organization – so if you want to help directly, find us here