Tackling the Tech Space on LinkedIn

By : Kate Bryan


Do you know what grabs the attention of marketers in the tech space on LinkedIn? Look no further because we platformed with theB2B platform to analyze specifically the technology industry and uncover the types of ads and their contents, which saw the most success across each stage of the funnel including awareness, consideration and conversion. 

This report offers an inside look at the top tech B2B findings on LinkedIn. In our other reports, get access to all things FinServ or go for a more holistic view with our Agnostic report. 

What’s Inside: 

  • Video
    So you know video performs best but do you know what about it? Have you considered length? What about at different parts of the funnel? We reveal the times you should be considering depending on which part of the journey your buyer is.
  • Color
    The notion of what looks best is a subjective one. Until it isn’t. Data shows that there are certain trends and predictions you can make for the hues you choose. Don’t miss these easy wins to drive better engagement.
  • Terminology
    If you’re in tech, you know there’s a method to this madness. And by that we mean, the language we all speak. The question is: to use or not to use in your marketing – especially on LinkedIn? We have some answers.
  • Functional Benefits
    When developing messaging, what benefits are you spelling out for your audience? Is that something they’re even interested in? You’d be amazed at the click through rate when value is provided in your ads.
  • Branding
    People don’t want to guess what or who they’re looking at. Now you might say, well I already knew that, but do you put it into practice? Perhaps if you saw the ad completions with branding at the upfront there’d be no more second guessing. 

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