The Missing Piece of Your Production Process

By : Kate Bryan


So you want higher-performing creative but feel a little lost on what levers to pull when? Our approach to making ads makes it possible to consistently delight audiences across different platforms. The secret? Bring data into the mix sooner. 

With Intelligent Creative, we now have the power to understand what about an ad is or isn’t working. Quite literally, we break down the ads elements, from copy to color and all that’s in between, to learn what’s resonating or not with any given audience on any given platform. 

With time and cost pressures higher than they’ve been in decades, there’s no room for guesswork anymore. And data as a part of the creative production process removes just that. See the difference in your bottom line and asset impressions when you integrate Intelligent Creative at the forefront of your production.

Read the eBook for a step-by-step data how-to guide including:

  • Marketing team to-do’s
  • Creative team does what they do best
  • Building a bulletproof review cycle 
  • Going out with a successful launch