Top Snap Findings for CPG Marketers

By : Julia Cole


Just because advertising on Snap is quick, doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be creatively savvy. Like any other vertical, CPG comes with its own set of creative standards that can engage users and stop them from tapping on the next screen. We know the creative isn’t a one size fits all, so we analyzed 3,846 Snap ads on Snapchat from 86 different CPG ad accounts —  for a total of more than 28 billion impressions for our new report, 5 Snapchat Ad Creative Findings for CPG Marketers.  

VidMob’s video-recognition technology – which allows us to analyze the visual elements of each ad — from the colors used, to the facial expressions on the models – combined with our integration with Snap’s API, allowed us to take a look at these 28 billion impressions and unveil creative insights that can impact a brand’s creative performance, and how Snap users respond to the visuals in an ad. 

Here’s a preview of of the performance insights we learned: 

  • It pays to be direct: Audiences want to know who is advertising to them. Don’t wait until the end to disclose. Be upfront about who you are and what you’re selling. Brands that followed this methodology saw a 35% higher swipe up rate. Further, brands that included their CTA in the first 2 seconds of their video ad, saw a 71% higher swipe up rate. 
  • The role of color and setting: For consumers, the bigger the contrast, the better. In fact, ads that have higher contrast had 2x the average screen time. But don’t stop there. Mind your surroundings and consider an outdoor setting. According to our learnings, ads outdoors had a +25% view time. 
  • The way sound affects ads: While we have been trained in recent years to design for sound off, it’s important to also understand that sound, when used astutely, can drive up to 3.5X view time.

There’s more! Check out the full report with more best practices and insights for CPG brands advertising on SnapChat.  We also completed an analysis for financial services and entertainment industries, and you can read those here.