Top Snap Findings for Entertainment Marketers

By : Julia Cole


As consumer attention shrinks, it’s imperative now more than ever marketers are providing quality bite-size content. Over the past two and a half years, we partnered with Snapchat to analyze over 4,000 campaigns across 79 unique Entertainment accounts, totaling at 11 billion impressions (yes billion!) to uncover what’s working and what’s not on the platform. Using our proprietary, AI-powered, visual image processing software we’re able to analyze every visual component of an ad and what makes it successful. Everything from the background color to a model’s gaze to the language used in your CTA. 

A Little of What We Learned:

 Why it pays to be direct: Consumers want to know who is advertising to them. Don’t skimp out and wait until the end. Be upfront about who you are and what you’re selling. Brands that followed this methodology saw a 35% higher swipe up rate. Further, brands that included their CTA in the first 2 seconds of their video ad, saw a 71% higher swipe up rate. 

When color matters: The Entertainment industry knows visuals are key. Harness what’s true to your industry and apply the same school of thought to your promotional ads. According to our findings, ads that featured a high amount of contrast had a 40% higher swipe up rate. So don’t be shy about making your brand as big and bold as it really is. No better time to shine than the present! 

How star power plays a role: This one is a no brainer, especially for our Entertainment friends. Talent is key. So keep those celebrity connections around. Play them up in your brand campaigns and you’ll see a +40% view time and +20% swipe up rate. 

Of course, we couldn’t share all the secret sauce with you here. Read the full Entertainment Report to see all of what we uncovered.