Top Snap Findings for FinServ Marketers

By : Julia Cole


Now more than ever, marketers and consumers are living in a visual first world. Use our proprietary AI technology to understand the different visual elements of your ad and what helps you stand out as a category expert. 

Over the past two and a half years, we partnered with Snapchat to analyze over 500 campaigns across 23 unique Financial Services accounts, totaling at 10 billion impressions (yes billion!) to uncover what’s working and what’s not on the platform. 

A little of what we learned:

Star Power for the Win: Celebrity endorsements have no shortage in this category. And for good reason. These spokespeople typically can boost ad view rate up to +39%. 

Set the Scene: This finding was particularly interesting. Ads that started and stayed on an opening frame for at least 3 seconds had +17% higher view rates than ones that didn’t. 

For more of the secret sauce on FinServ, read the full report to see all of what we uncovered.