Using Business as a Force for Good. We Pledge 1%.

By : Burr Purnell


Today, I’m wondering what the true currency of life is. I think it’s time. Over the years, I’ve found that there is no better or more fulfilling way to spend this currency than by giving it to someone else or something in need. In late 2021, I wrote a byline where I said, “society suffers from a crisis of singularity… there is a grave danger in a world where every person is living for themselves. An individualistic mentality, compounded by infinite micro-moments (i.e. I’ve got mine, I really don’t care if you have yours) adds up to a net loss.” This doesn’t have to be the way, but it sure feels like it is. As I journey through life, I often reflect on the dichotomy of giving and receiving. I wonder why it’s so difficult for people to give even a little bit, say just 1% of their time. The result could make the person they are helping much happier and themselves more fulfilled. By “practicing kindness,” one of VidMob’s Core Values, by giving of one’s Self, we become our best Selves. Try it. It works.

And, speaking of 1%, today is an exceptional day. It’s one of those days when the stars align, the songbirds sing at the perfect pitch, and light bounces perfectly off the water. Today is also the day that VidMob announces that we’re officially joining Pledge 1%, a global movement of like-minded organizations where giving back is integrated into and integral to the company. As part of Pledge 1%, VidMob is pledging 1% of the company’s total equity to our 501(c)(3) VidMob Gives, the world’s first creative services marketplace for non-profits. Our pledge is in addition to our current contribution of 1% of the company’s annual revenue by way of creator payouts, employee participation, and donated intelligent creative technology and services. 

We are extremely excited to join a distinguished group of companies in over 100 countries that are igniting over a billion dollars into new philanthropy. Since our inception, giving back has always been a part of our DNA. Over the years, we have worked with more than 100 non-profit organizations crafting countless conceptual campaigns to drive real business results.

Pledge 1% aligns perfectly with our company’s mission to further the UNSDG’s (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals), which are the guide rails for our pro-bono work with non-profits worldwide. In addition to our pledge, we have joined the organization’s Builders Program which will help enable companies already committed to the program to make an even bigger impact with access to all of VidMob’s technology and services. 

By joining Pledge 1% and using our business as a force for good, VidMob connects even more deeply to who we are as a purpose-driven company. We believe in what we do and how we give back. Today and tomorrow we will continue to hold ourselves accountable—to be leaders and to create the future we want to see.