VidMob Gives drives systemic change in advertising strategy for over 200 NPOs

By : Jamie Bradley




We all have a responsibility to give back and giving back takes many forms. Whether it’s monetary donations, donating your time or contributing resources to a cause. But, how do we give in a way that drives long-lasting systemic change across the non-profit sector? That is the question VidMob is focused on solving. 

In 2022, VidMob took the 1% Pledge and committed VidMob Gives, their non-profit arm, to using AI-powered technology to change the way NPOs advertise in order to stretch their media budgets and increase impact across their causes. Since VidMob Gives was formed in 2018, they have worked with over 200 NPOs, developing hundreds of ads for global non-profits to help them fulfil their missions. 

Many NPOs struggle when it comes to advertising. While paid campaigns are a great way to increase awareness and drive donations, with limited resources, it’s hard to develop enough creative to fuel their campaigns. On top of that, when they’re relying on donations to keep their company in business, they want every dollar to go towards the cause, not wasted on a poor-performing ad that doesn’t drive performance. That’s where VidMob comes in. 

VidMob’s work centers around empowering NPOs with the creative data they need to understand which creative elements are driving performance and then develop new creative that implements those insights. No wasted dollars and a lot more impact. One such campaign working with Techo, a youth-led non-profit org that works to create a just society without poverty, Ana Testa, Techo’s Director of Marketing and Communications said “The campaign gave us good insights and ideas on how we should approach our upcoming campaigns.” VidMob campaigns have helped support a wide array of causes, with a campaign that helped 67 people living with HIV get the support they needed and another that helped generate 689 welcome gift sign-ups and cards for military families. Jessica Teachey, Senior Director of Community Engagement at The MusicianShip says, “Because of this partnership, we’re a sharper marketing team that’s learning how to drive content based on real, measurable KPIs and demographic goals.”

VidMob Gives is committed to setting up a foundation that others can then build upon to drive lasting change in an organization. Whether it’s helping a global NPOs build a campaign strategy, or helping a local charity build homes for 3 families in need, at VidMob, we believe in building the future we want to see. A future where companies understand their responsibility to act and be a driver of good across local and global communities. A future where giving compounds on itself to drive incredible, lasting impact for charities and the causes they are committed to serving.

[This article first appeared on Pledge 1% Blog]