VidMob Introduces Creative Insights and Performance for All

By : Katie Fagan


Creative performance drives marketing performance. In fact, according to Google, creative accounts for 70% of an ad’s performance. But without a way to measure the impact of creative decisions on marketing and performance results, marketers are having to guess what they think works versus knowing what the actual drivers of performance are.

Why? Because you can only change what you can measure. Which typically leaves marketers with audience and channel as the only routes to driving advertising performance. Without rich and reliable data, marketers  are often left to make decisions based largely on intuition or limited experience with shrinking windows of opportunity to continuously drive improvements.

What if marketers could access data that revealed which creative elements drove performance, rather than relying on opinions or intuition? And use those insights to then produce high-quality creative that drives performance across a campaign’s lifespan? 

With VidMob’s Intelligent Creative platform, creative impact is now measurable

Today, we’re excited to announce the availability of a new SaaS offering that helps put the power of creative data and insights directly in the hands of marketers and teams across their organization—including agencies. With VidMob’s Intelligent Creative platform, demand, growth, media, and creative teams can finally bring game-changing creative data and insights to every step of the creative process, from ideation to optimization. Powered by AI and machine learning, our suite of integrated analytics, scoring, creative automation, collaboration workflows, and network of creative talent, empowers marketers to instantly act on insights and produce high-quality creative quickly and efficiently at scale.  

Equip your teams with the Intelligent Creative advantage 

The complete SaaS offering includes Creative Analytics, Creative Scoring, Creative Automation, Creative Network, and Creative Studio. Our platform solves for everyday issues that marketers contend with, namely: meeting the increasing demand for performant content across the ever-evolving landscape of digital channels and platforms; and managing and collaborating with multiple stakeholders across internal and agency teams. 

To ensure we’re delivering on our promise of creative insights for all, we now enable marketers to build Intelligent Creative expertise in a way that works best for them—be it with in-house teams, in partnership with an agency, or with support from our premium service teams. So you can leverage Intelligent Creative, your way.

No matter the process or workflow, the VidMob Intelligent Creative platform can help all marketers can achieve:

  • Data to know what works and why
    Insights based on all data types and all the major platforms gives teams the credibility and confidence to act on them, plus prove where and why creative is driving business performance. 
  • Creative production at scale
    Measure and improve marketing effectiveness across all platforms and data types, at incredible scale and speed to overcome the demand for more creative assets. Inspire, inform and optimize creative production all at the same time.
  • Platform-specific insights
    Understand if creative is ready for flight, why it’s not, and what to do about it based on automated QA of platform best practices and brand mandatories.

Get the Fastest Path to Creative that Works