Web Summit Rio Provides an Overview of Technology and Innovation

By : Paulo Almeida


The world is witnessing a transformation in consumption patterns and campaigns driven by the digital revolution of Artificial Intelligence. To be a transformative agent in this constantly evolving ecosystem, it is essential to participate in the key global forums where ideas are shared and synergistic energy is captured, enriching our understanding and informing future development.

Over three days at the Web Summit Rio (a condensed version of the Lisbon event that addresses topics related to technology, innovation, and business), discussions on ethics in AI, the role of data in innovation, and the opportunities offered by new technology-driven markets took center stage. Per usual, the networking opportunities were amazing, connecting with industry leaders, clients, and strong partners who contribute to the ecosystem.

I was especially heartened to see how much of the talk track emphasized data and the necessity of using it to be effective as a modern marketer.

Jeff Geheb, Global Chief Experience Officer at VMLY&R, stressed the importance of being creative with new processes rather than worrying about the impact of a future without cookies in the marketing industry. He highlighted a “Creative Renaissance” driven by changes in data collection, promoting the innovative use of new data types. As the world’s leading AI platform for creative data, Vidmob was a pioneer in this “creative renaissance” mentioned by Jeff.

Gabriela Comazzetto, GM Global Business Solutions Latam at TikTok, highlighted the cultural impact of TikTok and how brands can authentically engage with their community. Gabriela stressed the need to ensure that creative developed by clients are appropriate to the TikTok creatives’ guidelines and best practices to maximize engagement with their consumers and ultimately the marketing investment.

Other key topics discussed on stage at WebSummit RIO:

Growth of Digital Sales and the Importance of Data

Ariel Grunkraut, CEO and President of Zamp, revealed that over 50% of Burger King’s total sales in Brazil are now conducted digitally. This shift reflects a growing preference among customers for digital interaction over personal interaction. Additionally, Ariel underlined the importance of collecting and utilizing data to better understand customer behavior and enhance the shopping experience.

The Fundamental Role of Brand in Business Transformation

Leland Maschmeyer, co-founder and CEO of COLLINS, discussed the importance of brand value in the business transformation process. He highlighted that a strong and differentiated brand not only attracts customers but also guides the company’s strategic decisions across all areas, from product development to marketing strategies as well as mergers and acquisitions.

Challenges and Opportunities in Generative Artificial Intelligence

Emily Chiu, COO of TBD, warned about the ethical and technical challenges associated with generative artificial intelligence. She underscored the need to address bias in data and ensure transparency in AI-generated content. She also highlighted AI’s potential to drive efficiency and innovation across various sectors, from customer service to digital content creation.

Entrepreneurship and Diversity in the Technology Ecosystem

Rafaela Frankenthal, CEO of SafeSpace, stressed the importance of diversity in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, encouraging investors to support more projects led by women. Rafaela highlighted the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs in accessing capital and the need to promote inclusion and equal opportunities in the technology sector.

Striver Aims to Redefine Social Media for a Friendlier Brazil

Striver is a social media platform that aims to protect users from abuse and hate speech. CEO Tim Chase highlighted the importance of providing a safe and authentic environment for Brazilian users, with unique features tailored to their needs. The use of AI to monitor and remove abusive content in real-time was highlighted as one of the platform’s key features.

The AI revolution 

CEO and co-founder of HubKonnect, Michael Koch, shared his positive outlook on artificial intelligence (AI). “There has never been a better time in human history to leverage technology, be an entrepreneur, create something, build something new, and impact society. It used to be BC, AD. Now, it will be before AI and after AI.”

Web Summit Rio offered a comprehensive exploration of the profound impacts and opportunities presented by advancements in tech, most notably in artificial intelligence (AI). As a frontrunner in this dynamic field, VidMob stands as a pioneer of innovation in the creative data space, continuously empowering clients to harness AI & ML to enhance marketing strategies. By focusing on the innovative use of data, VidMob not only navigates but also shapes the evolving landscape, leading to superior business outcomes. It was clear to see at this event, the digital revolution propels forward, partnering with VidMob can help ensure that businesses remain at the cutting edge, well-positioned to thrive in a digital world.