Why I Joined VidMob

By : Steph Garofoli


In honor of some recent award wins, we’re eager to sit down with the people who make it all possible–our employees. In this piece, we’re pleased to hear from our VP, Partnerships, Steph Garofoli, on what made her want to join VidMob and a day in the life as her role has evolved over time. 

Tell us about your decision to join VidMob.

I started working at VidMob in 2014. At that time, we had recently incorporated the company and were just getting started. There was no foundation, structure, product or proof points that this would be a viable business just yet. Sounds appealing, right?

But, what VidMob has had since the very beginning is incredible leadership. Our founders, Alex, Jason, and Craig have had a meaningful vision from day one. Their entrepreneurial spirit, purpose filled mission, and strong desire to invest in people (and their careers) drew me in – and I haven’t looked back since. I knew this was a place where I could grow and make a real impact surrounded by a group of smart, creative, and inspiring people. This has allowed me to grow in both personal and professional ways that I didn’t know were possible at the time. The type of culture we’ve created allows for employees to have a front row seat at building a business from the ground up and take on a lot of responsibility. We encourage people to test, learn, iterate, and push the limits for what’s possible. My experience here has made me more confident in my ability to both lead & succeed as well as learn through challenges. I’m excited to continue pushing down this path surrounded by an incredibly motivated and thoughtful team.

You’re an early VidMobber – tell us about life then and now at the company.

In the early days, VidMob was a super small, scrappy, and motivated team. We were in early client acquisition mode and would do anything to make users of VidMob happy, whether that was trekking through a blizzard to pick up a client’s hard drive or setting alarms in the middle of the night to get on the phone with an Australian client–we did everything without hesitation to support the experience on VidMob.

Amongst many advancements since, we’ve built in support to handle any type of file upload and have hired an APAC team to support our expansion in the region, but the motivation, passion, and desire behind this team remains unchanged. And while we have instituted more structure, process to help, invested heavily in our product infrastructure, and hired some of the most talented people in the industry, VidMob will always be founded and rooted in the ambition and desire to take the right path, not the easy one (let’s just hope there’s no snow this time).

Who do you work most closely with and how do you collaborate together?

The Partnerships team at VidMob oversees all the relationships we have with our Social, Digital, Measurement, Commerce, and Advanced TV partners. We work closely with our partners and friends at Snapchat, TikTok, LinkedIn, Reddit, Meta, Hulu, Amazon, Pinterest, Google, Twitter and more. Our team works with our partners to help improve creative effectiveness and performance across all the various partners, ad types, and capabilities. The team at VidMob enables this support through API & product integrations, partner programming, and upfront activations across our partners. The Partnerships team at VidMob is extremely cross functional in nature and works across almost every team at VidMob, which makes the roles extremely dynamic and interesting. We’re currently expanding the team and hiring several roles you can find on our careers page. If you’re interested in learning more about what we do, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Have you traveled for your role? Where?

Yes! I’ve been fortunate to travel many different places for my role. My travels have taken me everywhere from California to Chicago to London and Dubai. COVID has slowed this down for obvious reasons, but I’m looking forward to picking this back up at some point very soon!

Describe your experience working during the pandemic.

WFH was a significant adjustment for me personally, but I ended up making the most out of the flexibility. I spent some time working from New York, with family, as well as Airbnbs across the country. For the last year, I have now settled back into New York and have been working from VidMob HQ nearly every day. I feel lucky to be back in a normal routine, have the option to go into the office and be around my colleagues, and of course, wear real pants.