World Autism Day and Ads that Lead to Access

By : Ruth Temianka


According to the CDC, one in every 54 children in the United States are affected by autism. Early intervention can help children affected by autism to improve their ability to learn, communicate, and to develop lifelong social skills. For parents and caregivers, education about the diagnosis can not only help build stronger relationships with their child, but also empower them to provide better suited support, so their children can reach their full potential.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends all children be screened for autism during their 18 and 24-month well-child checkup. But for children in minority and low-income communities, where access to healthcare resources and screenings may be more difficult, the average age of diagnosis can be higher.

That’s why VidMob Gives partnered with the AdCouncil and Autism Speaks to spread awareness around early signs of autism. Last year, we launched a social campaign on Pinterest in both English and Spanish that identified the unique needs of autistic children. The call to action drove ad viewers to a 20-question screener formulated by child psychologists and health professionals. 

Throughout the flight, we monitored the Creative Analytics of the campaign to see what we could better optize. What we found and corrected corresponded directly with higher viewership and click through. 

  • Featuring a human presence from the first video frame 
  • Repositioning ad logos and the CTA button
  • Addressing viewers directly with copy

“Using this technology…helps us to hold the creative accountable.”

– Felicia Carmichael, Ad Council

Overall, the campaign:

  • Reached 6,958,706 Pinterest users across the u.s.
  • Generated 35,114 pin clicks (driving families to the screener)
  • Averaged a 48.7% video view rate and a .09% pin click rate.

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