Drive 30% KPI lifts with Creative Scoring

Use industry-leading AI technology to score your assets for creative best practices by platform, brand, and audience. Know exactly what to fix to maximize your ad spend.

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What is Creative Effectiveness?

Creative Effectiveness integrates three measures for optimal campaign performance.

  • Social media platforms. Hit the right creative formats across every advertising channel. Aspect ratios, design elements, video duration, and more.
  • Brand guidelines. Make sure your logo, brand colors, and styles are being used correctly in every creative, across all platforms and regions.
  • Target audience. Know the product features and pain points your audience cares about most — and ensure your creative is speaking directly to each one.

When all your creatives check the platform, brand, and audience boxes, that’s Creative Effectiveness.

What is Creative Scoring?

Ensuring Creative Effectiveness becomes much more complex across multiple brands, regions, and production teams — not to mention high asset volumes and strictly regulated industries.

That’s exactly why we built Creative Scoring: a creative quality control solution that helps you monitor your marketing campaigns and hold your teams accountable to minimum standards across all your platforms, brands, and advertising audiences.

Fit for platform

Make sure your assets are following the creative best practices that make algorithms boost your ads’ performance across 11 key platforms, driving 30%+ KPI lifts.

  • Aspect Ratio
  • Quick Pace
  • Voice Over
  • Human Presence
  • Positive Emotion
  • Logo Presence
  • Video Duration
  • Call to Action
  • And more!

Partners with major social media platforms

Fit for your brand

Ensure your brand elements are consistent across all of your assets and platforms to maximize brand awareness and equity.

  • Logo
  • Product Shots
  • Product Mentions
  • Benefits Mentions
  • Features Mentions
  • Brand Colors
  • Brand Characters
  • Legal Disclaimers
  • And more

Fit for audience

Discover new creative strategies that drive performance with your audience and turn those strategies into scorable criteria.

  • Which products are driving performance with your audience?
  • Which product features do your viewers care about most?
  • Which product benefit is best at driving audience conversion?

Platform Essentials

Every platform has its own unique set of creative best practices to give your ads maximum platform exposure. VidMob knows exactly what they are across 11 different platforms.

Brand Essentials

Set your own criteria for custom text, colors, audio mentions, objects, characters, talent, and products, and drive brand consistency across your ads.

Pre-Flight Scoring

Prevent non-compliant assets from getting media investments. Score your assets before publishing them to your ad accounts to ensure they’re optimized for platforms and consistent with your brand — and know exactly what to fix when they aren’t.

Adherence Report

Know if you’re getting the most out of your media investment by monitoring how well your creatives are adhering to best practices across regions, brands, and 11 different platforms.

Adoption Report

Monitor whether your teams are using scoring by markets and brands. Drive adoption to increase creative effectiveness and get the most out of your investment.

Fix Non-Compliant Creatives

Easily fix the assets that aren’t meeting best practices criteria with our pool of top-tier creative talents, and manage all your creative projects in one place.


Recent advancements in AI have ushered in a new age of limitless content. With that level of competition flooding the market, creative optimization and effectiveness are more critical than ever.

Our industry-leading AI is designed to partner with human beings, leaving creative direction in your hands while showing you automatically what to fix and why — taking the manual labor out of quality control.

Plus, when you integrate Creative Scoring with Creative Analytics, you’ll get never-before-seen data on what works for your brand in your industry for each type of content across your advertising audience.

Creative Scoring helps you make sure your advertising is conforming to best practices on each ad platform. For example, are your Facebook stories conforming to the best specs for the mobile app? Are your static images properly formatted for the news feed? Vidmob’s Creative Scoring flags issues for you automatically by brand, market, platform, and objective, showing you what to fix to improve your KPIs and help your ads reach a wider audience.

To take your high-performing ads to the next level, Creative Scoring integrates with Creative Analytics to guide your advertising design choices with AI data that’s even more specific. What average video length works best for your brand on TikTok? What color should your calls to action be on Instagram images?

Add Creative Analytics to know why potential customers prefer some ads over others, informing your advertising strategy with clear, action-oriented data for your marketing campaigns.

Use Creative Scoring to monitor:

  • TikTok creative best practices
  • YouTube creative best practices
  • Google creative best practices
  • SnapChat creative best practices
  • Instagram creative best practices
  • Facebook creative best practices
  • LinkedIn creative best practices
  • Reddit creative best practices
  • Pinterest creative best practices
  • Twitter creative best practices
  • Hulu creative best practices