Gaming Vertical Creative Insights and Covid-19 Trends

What’s Inside

Looking at a 365 analysis of the Gaming vertical in 2019 Vidmob found trends in elements picked up by our Creative Intelligence that showed certain visuals and messaging correlated with an increase in performance for lower funnel metrics.

Co-Founder at Behavidence, Neuroscientist and Consumer behavior expert, Roy Cohen, Head of Brand & Agencies EMEA at VidMob, Pablo Dopico, Country Manager, CEE, Israel and Turkey at VidMob, Ellad Kushnir Matarasso, Vidmob’s Head of Data EMEA, Lisa Haskins, Vidmob’s Head of Direct Response, Dave Morrissey will walk you through the following topics:

  • Creative Intelligence
  • Gaming Creative Insights
  • Creative trends amidst COVID-19
  • Creative Challenges
  • CPM Trends
  • Building your own Best Practices

The creative data mentioned in this webinar comes from an analysis of 19,455 ads within the gaming vertical. If you are interested in diving into this data, reach out to emea@vidmob.com.

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