Defining a “Renaissance”: The Rise of the Intelligent Creative Movement

By : Camille Hayward


This year, VidMob took part in the 2021 Cannes International Festival of Creativity, which was hosted virtually. To introduce viewers to VidMob, we released a short film featuring MIT professor Sinan Aral and VidMob founder/CEO Alex Collmer, who dove into the rising Revolution of the Intelligent Creative Movement, and the exciting opportunity this brings to digital marketers around the world. As Sinan said in the film, “the Intelligent Creative Movement is a Renaissance.”

Following the release of the short film, VidMob hosted a panel discussion about The Intelligent Creative Movement: A Conversation About Data and Creativity with top marketing leaders Alex Collmer, Lynda Clarizio, Former President of US Media at Nielsen, Mainardo de Nardis, Investor and Former CEO of OMD and Aegis Media, and César Melo, President, board advisor, and investor at VidMob. These industry trailblazers discussed the key themes in the film and the relationship between VidMob and MIT, and unveiled the impact creative data can have on campaign performance and overall marketing success.

Defining the Intelligent Creative “Renaissance”

Describing the Intelligent Creative Movement as a “Renaissance” is a powerful statement; a renaissance signifies a cultural rebirth of some sort, and one that makes a permanent impact on society and industry. So how is the Intelligent Creative Movement a Renaissance? In this case, it comes down to more than the technical changes taking place with third-party cookies, or the improvements Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence (AI) are bringing to digital marketers. Instead, the Intelligent Creative Movement signals a paradigm shift for the marketing industry. By tearing down the walls between media, data, and design, the rules of creative performance are being rewritten in a major way.

“This is a transformation in the industry…You’re not doing it against ad agencies, media agencies, platforms, you’re doing it to make a better industry for everybody, to help all the parties cooperate…[VidMob] [has created] a platform where everybody can cooperate to make it a better industry [for everyone]…We’ve been waiting for this for so long” -Mainardo de Nardis

In addition, as Lynda Clarizio explained, Creative Data —the cornerstone of Intelligent Creative—liberates marketers by proving that first-party data empowers them.

“For the past 15 years, the entire advertising ecosystem has been built around cookies and mobile device IDs. It was about identity. As those diminish and go away, the foundation of the advertising system is changing and needs to be rebuilt. So we need new signals. And we need new signals that can provide scale.” -Lynda Clarizio

Connecting the Creative Data Dots

With the advances in Computer Vision, AI, and Machine Learning among other technologies, VidMob can translate an ad’s creative attributes into digestible data points.

This is what we refer to as “Creative Data,” but it’s just the start of Creative Intelligence. To get there, we need to connect the data dots. As our short film on the Intelligent Creative Movement explains,

“The analytics will give you an insight into why something behaves the way it is, and that’s interesting, but it’s not valuable. It’s interesting because it tells you something, but it’s not until you actually …use it to implement creative changes that lead to an improved business result that it becomes valuable.” -Alex Collmer

Ironically, as we continue to watch the industry move toward measuring creative performance rather than leveraging personal data, the more agile marketers can be when it comes to both campaign optimization and building relationships with consumers. Ultimately, Intelligent Creative —and Creative Data— empowers brands to build campaign experiences based around the creative elements in ads that resonate with consumers – forging a deeper emotional connection in the process.

Cesar Melo explains:

“Nowadays, brands are built on an interactive basis. Consumers want to interact with brands and want to interact with the manufacturers. They want to build content with you.”

Consumers now look at multiple screens over the course of their day, see more content, and can instantly scroll past content they don’t want to see. That means the emotional resonance of an ad matters more than it ever did before. And that challenges brands to take a different approach to creating campaign content, and to measuring its performance.

Rethinking Creative, Not Replacing

AI and Machine Learning can get a bad rap; the notion of replacing jobs and supplementing human creativity can put marketers on edge. But as we’ve seen, technology and human creativity go hand in hand.

“Intelligent Creative isn’t about technology coming in and replacing [us]… this is about businesses working together to utilize new technologies and to superpower the strengths and [creative acumen] that they already have.” —Alex Collmer.

As it turns out, aside from its potential positive impact on marketing performance, the combination of technology and creative is being welcomed by creators too. For the first time, it’s now possible for creative teams of all forms to see the actual impact of their ideas and correlate their creative vision with performance.

Introducing a New Era: Intelligent Creative

“In two years’ time, it’s going to be the norm, and it will be part of every agency’s operating system, every client process” —Mainardo de Nardis.

Armed with powerful new collaborative and creative tools, and a constant stream of real-time performance data, the Intelligent Creative Movement means campaign optimization becomes a continuous, seamless process. To facilitate that, the combination of expert creators and a brand’s bespoke creative data is set to usher in a new creative era for consumers and brands alike. This is a Renaissance for marketers, and it’s quietly changing the creative rules for good.

Interested in learning more about creative data and ways to boost your creative strategy? View the full webinar, for free, on our resources page.

See how VidMob’s Intelligent Creative resources can improve your brand’s creative performance, or request a demo to see it in action.

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Connecting the Creative Data Dots

Rethinking Creative, Not Replacing

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