Up Close and Personal with L’Oreal

By : Alex Collmer


One of the great privileges of working at VidMob is that we get to work side-by-side with some of the folks who are operating at the forefront of the industry, driving the transformation of the largest brands. Occasionally, we are so impressed by the work of our partners that we submit them for various awards related to their product vision, innovative use of data, leadership in organizational transformation, or many other areas in need of re-thinking as creative is asked to work harder to make up for losses in targeting effectiveness, and data plays a larger and larger role in that solution.

One of the partners I’ve personally learned a lot from is Chira Schaad, L’Oreal’s VP & Head of Brand Engagement.  So, I was thrilled to learn that AdExchanger and AdMonsters presented her with the award of being one of the 2022 Top Women in Media & Ad Tech at their annual event in New York City. Anyone that has worked in marketing and creative production in a large organization knows how much coordination and buy-in is needed across multiple levels and departments in order to drive any sort of transformation agenda. To do so within an organization as large and with as much incredible talent and history as L’Oreal is even more impressive.

Chira’s data-driven approach to creative has helped contribute to her success. As an early adopter of innovative technologies, she balances production efficiency while also measuring creative effectiveness against L’Oreal’s established KPIs. In doing this, Chira has achieved a particularly difficult goal at L’Oreal, which is to make global content relevant, localized and utilized. Using creative analytics, brand-specific insights, and agile production to inform creative decision making, the marketing teams can now make more personalized content for each social media platform and monitor their ability to stay true to data-driven creative guidelines at scale across each critical marketing channel. See how she does it in our latest Intelligent Creative Spotlight video. 

Earlier efforts had already positioned L’Oreal as a leader in agile, relevant creative, but they didn’t have access to creative analytics to inform their teams as to how and why their ads were performing.  After researching various emerging technology solutions, Chira decided to partner with VidMob.  Her vision was to leverage our Intelligent Creative platform to (1) provide Creative Scoring to ensure universal brand and platform compliance, and (2) utilize Creative Analytics to inform which creative decisions within their ads are driving performance and why. With that in place, L’Oreal is now able to use those insights to define creative compliance to make their assets smarter, more fit for each platform, and ensure that each piece of creative measures up to brand standards. Chira has maximized the impact of this new type of first-party data with company-wide creative playbooks to facilitate faster production of global, localized and better performing content.  

As a direct result of Chira’s leadership, L’Oreal has elevated their marketing speed and efficiency to meet the new demands of a digitally-paced world.  Equally importantly, Chira is making L’Oreal’s content more effective by scoring it against continuously monitored brand and platform best practices.   It’s an honor for all of us here at VidMob to play a small role in helping this remarkable leader push forward her vision for a data-driven creative organization, and I’m thrilled that her work is now being recognized by organizations like AdExchanger and AdMonsters.  

To learn more about Chira and the great work that she’s doing, check out her Intelligent Creative Spotlight video, where she talks about her career journey and how any marketer can leverage data to create intelligently.