Introducing KidMob & Friends

By : Cathryn Walker


Like many of you, at the start of the U.S. COVID-19 lockdown in mid-March we began seeing small faces join our video calls. With the kids out of school and parents working from home, we either experienced or witnessed the challenge parents faced juggling work and homeschool. There’s no doubt that parents are superheroes, but even superheroes need a break.

So when a generous employee offered to coordinate remote workshops for our teammates’ children, this selfless and creative gesture caught fire in the best way possible. More and more VidMobbers stepped up to host their own workshops until we officially coined this series of kid-friendly classes, “KidMob.” Activities ranged from card crafting to knot-tying, sign language to face painting and more. While kids were kept entertained for an hour, parents had the opportunity to take a break and focus on their work…or nap (we’re not judging)! After several successful weeks of using KidMob as an internal resource, it only made sense to extend the fun to our external partners and friends. 

Next week we are kicking off KidMob & Friends, a series of kid-friendly virtual classes for our clients, creators, and friends. Starting June 1st, we will be holding daily workshops with the intention of providing parents a break and kids an opportunity to learn something new in a creative environment. Each workshop is hosted by one of our gracious VidMob employees who has prepared an activity suitable for kids of all ages. We’re as excited as we are proud of this initiative.

KidMob & Friends reflects our collaborative, generous, and fun-loving work culture. It centers around our mission of evolving creativity as a force for good.

VidMob’s Goals for KidMob & Friends:

Give Back

We know firsthand how difficult these unprecedented times have been for both parents and kids and we want to provide support however we can. Our primary goal is to offer relief for hardworking parents and a creative learning experience for restless kids.

Foster Creativity

VidMob not only supports the creativity of our creators, clients, and partners, but fosters creativity from within the organization. The concept of KidMob & Friends started as a small but impactful gesture, and has grown into a labor of love. That’s the power of creative collaboration.

Spark our own child-like curiosity

As someone who has hosted a few classes myself, I can attest they’re as fun to teach as they are to join. Designating time to color, belly laugh, and build something with my two hands is a welcome change of pace. 

Our founder and CEO, Alex Collmer once stated, “Our superpower as a company has always been that we care about one another.” We extend this to all the superhero moms and dads out there too.

KidMob & Friends kicks off on June 1st with daily classes through June 12th. If you’re a parent and your kids could use some new activities, visit the KidMob & Friends page for a full list of classes and register for any that spark your interest. We hope to see your kids in a class soon!