The Power of Color

By : Sara Musselman


In our latest report, The Role of Color in Creative Campaigns, we unveil the power color holds when it comes to advertising and how Creative Analytics can help color drive higher performance. 

A few findings you can expect: 

  • Why Color Matters to Creative Effectiveness
  • Creative Tips and Takeaways
  • What VidMob Measures 

Ask any creative about the importance of color and they’ll tell you the decisions made using color are core to the success of a design. Ask us, and I’ll tell you, color is by far the most important and exciting element in design. 

Color is the core lever to pull when expressing brand identity, amplifying messaging and attracting an audience. On top of all of that, color is even more powerful, because it influences us all on a subconscious level. Getting color right has always been assessed on a designer’s gut instincts, theory, skill and talent – and even then, the success of color in any given design remained subjective. 

We in the creative marketing industry now have a data set that enhances our creative color decision making and brings us closer to making color choices that will objectively resonate. As an executive creative director and designer myself, knowing that our creative teams have access to actionable data on color means we can get creative with color on an entirely new level and at the same time increase the probability that our target audiences will respond positively. 

Tapping into Creative Intelligence is a superpower for anyone responsible for communicating visually to an audience. Business outcomes and performance metrics can now be directly tied to the creative choices we make. This is incredibly empowering on so many levels. Fundamentally, it means our work has new potential to deliver even more impact and make stronger and more meaningful connections – influence we all strive to deliver in our campaigns. 

I am excited to continue to learn more about how our audiences respond to color in the enhanced choices we make across our campaigns in the coming months. On the deepest level, knowing what colors resonate with our audiences brings us closer to making authentic emotional connections with them, and it gives us the power to truly deliver delight.