Redefine Your ROI: Measure Creative Effectiveness

By : Jill Gray


Anyone can throw a ton of money at a campaign and make conversions in the process, but knowing how to efficiently devote your most crucial resources to make your ads work better can be the difference when it comes to ROI.

For years, marketers have had to rely on driving media efficiencies instead of creative effectiveness, but with today’s technological advances in AI, that is a costly mistake. As we move into a more challenging era of privacy changes and an even more cluttered advertising environment, creative effectiveness is the answer, and it’s speaking louder than ever. Google has hinted at this for years, stating that media is only about 30% of the equation for successful brand campaigns – and the other 70% of success is driven by creative.

Have you prioritized the shift to creative effectiveness? If not, you are likely wasting money on ineffective campaigns. As your ROAS worsens, so will your ROI.


How Your Creative Costs and Effectiveness Relate to ROAS and ROI

If you want to measure the cost-effectiveness of a campaign, you turn to your ROAS.  A higher ROAS generally means you’re achieving better value, but it’s important to remember that the relationship between ROAS and your investment isn’t linear. Just because you hit an ideal ROAS doesn’t mean throwing double the creative budget at it will help you attract double the conversions. You have to test and optimize your campaigns, which means you need a creative measurement tool that can help you make those decisions. Advances in AI now make it possible to analyze creative data matched to performance outcomes; you can understand every single creative decision within your ads and explain, with data, how those elements impact your target KPIs.

Your spend, audience targeting, and channel placement can influence your ROAS, and so does ad quality and format. Creative scoring and/or analytics can provide data to help you make these decisions as well as inform future creative optimizations to further improve conversions.

An investment in creative measurement will allow you to pinpoint what’s working and what’s not. The key is to gain insight to make data-driven decisions that can help you reduce your spending in ad placement and creative production, optimize your campaign performance, and ultimately turn up your ROI.

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Why You Should Prioritize Creative Effectiveness

In 2023, asking consumers to make a purchase is challenging. Not just because of economic variables but because of the constant bombardment of advertising, limiting their ability to retain information about specific brands or campaigns. There are many ways to cut through the digital noise, but few approaches are as crucial as your creative decisions. Ads need to engage consumers from the get-go. Ads that don’t will fail and so will the corresponding KPIs and ROI.

Kantar and WARC’s recent research reiterates the impact good creative can have, stating that effective ads can generate more than four times as much profit. That’s crazy when you think about the potential impact on ROAS and ROI. Marketing Week’s Language of Effectiveness survey found that 80% of marketers deem creative quality key to marketing effectiveness. However, while it’s clear that making effective ads matters, only 58.5% said they can actually measure creative performance. This shouldn’t be the case. There have been tremendous improvements in creative measurement, especially for those that harness the power of AI.

Now it’s possible to get real-time data on your ad creative that can help you earn your audience’s attention, boost engagement levels, increase conversions, and increase your ROAS and therefore ROI.


Creative Measurement Is the Golden Ticket

A creative effectiveness platform allows marketers to make better decisions by unlocking the ‘why’ behind their campaign performance. You can take immediate action by accessing eye-opening creative insights, allowing you to quickly supercharge your ROI — and that’s just the beginning. 

With a creative effectiveness measurement, you can:

  • Ensure that every ad is platform-perfect for optimal performance, every time.
  • Get media and creative teams on the same page with data, taking the guesswork out of decision making and speeding up production time.
  • Build on past learnings to help you reduce ad decay and continually improve future creative performance.

The Role of AI in Creative Effectiveness Measurement

Today’s marketers need to lean on the latest AI and machine learning or be left behind. It’s simple: those who learn to strike a balance between technology and human creativity will be most successful. Investing in AI to automate time-consuming manual processes and attain a unique, sustainable competitive advantage with data will improve creative effectiveness and ROI faster than ever before possible. AI-powered tools can evaluate thousands of ads in minutes, breaking down each individual creative decision and mapping it to performance outcomes across your desired KPIs. You can learn user preferences and make the most effective ads possible for the respective platforms and formats. You can then use that data to fuel your creativity for the next campaign buildout or optimizations.

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VidMob Ticks All the Boxes

VidMob is the leading creative effectiveness platform, trusted by the biggest global brands to drive ROI through AI-driven creative data. With unmatched AI & ML technology, the most creative data, and the most integrations across the leading digital channels like Google, Meta, Amazon Ads, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snap, Pinterest, Hulu & Reddit, VidMob delivers powerful creative insights that result in meaningful business impact. 

You can effectively measure your creative quality and learn your brand’s best practices in an end-to-end platform to get the most out of every media dollar you invest. Creative Scoring and Creative Analytics allow you to turn actionable data into results-driven creatives, driving 2-5 times better campaign ROI.

Learn how Brooks and Toyota maximized creative effectiveness and ROI with VidMob. 

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